The first meeting of the European project Coop-in was held in Santander

Coop-in SDRThe meeting took place at Chiqui Hotel in Santander, on November 23rd and 24th. The project aims to raise awareness about the advantages of implementing social innovation at work by developing a complex social innovation training kit for the most important potential actors of the field, primarily focusing on corporate VET trainers and mentors. The project builds on the latest educational trends, applying gamification and micro learning approaches; enhances commitment, learning motivation by game elements; and micro-learning and scenario-based learning approach to ensure learning efficacy. The project partners are: ISQ (Portugal), TREBAG (Hungary), CARDET (Cyprus), ETA (UK) and MEATH (Ireland). On behalf of DOCUMENTA, attended its president Javier Farto, and as technical staff Claudia Presa and Raquel Cadenas.


CS TOUR project newsletter

newsletterCSTOUR 4After the CS TOUR project meeting in Upsala (Sweden) on October 23rd and 24th, 2017, we have prepared a newsletter where we explain to you what we did, and the next tasks we will undertake to prepare the final materials of the project.

This material will be presented in different multiplier events (in all countries of the partnership), as the final conference that will be in April in Larissa (Greece).

Link here you to view the 4th Newsletter:

Vision of the teaching staff in quality assurance initiatives in VET

webOn November 14, the city of Santander held a seminar on quality initiative experiences of management and teaching staff in VET centres. The activity was carried out in the conference room of the VET centre Decroly with a duration of two hours. A group of 34 people made up of teachers and quality managers of the centre participated in the event,

Main topics of the session were the PDCA cycle and the descriptors of the European Reference Framework for Quality Assurance (EQAVET) for VET centres that were discussed among participants, providing feedback for a better implementation of the cycle and the indicators in the teaching practice. The rationale and objectives of the European project QC-VET –Promoting Quality Culture in VET, were also introduced. Among the final outputs of the project it is planned to elaborate an action guide for the implementation of quality strategies with the participation of the teaching staff.

The attendees emphasized the importance of quality initiatives, highlighting that, although some follow-up activities are carried out for the students' development, they do not have enough time for doing adequately, and, moreover, when these are done no reward or positive appraisal is received. They are individual efforts or in small groups.


Beginning of StepUp2-ICT European Project, in which DOCUMENTA participates jointly with other European Partners

2017-11-14 18.22.11Last November 14th took place in Fano (Italy) the kick-off meeting of the European project Step Up2-ICT "Stepping Up to Technology in Adult Education towards Awareness, Assessment and Access ", in which Documenta participates. This innovative project has a duration of 2 years and focuses on improving the technological capabilities of adult trainers, in their specific work contexts.

The goals aimed are: to elaborate a pedagogic handbook: "getting to use online learning, web 2.0 technologies and mobile apps in adult education"; to draft a modularized training program for adult educators; to develop an open educational resources for adult educators and trainers; and to deliver community platform, together with the rest of the partner countries (Italy, Belgium, Lithuania, Portugal and Switzerland).

The president of Documenta, Javier Farto, attended to this transnational meeting on behalf of the entity.