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The CS.Tour project aims to develop a customized training course for those working or who are interested to work in the tourism and hospitality industry. Through the project activities the participants will develop the appropriate interpersonal and cultural awareness skills, the ability to recognize cultural differences in personal values and behaviour and will acquire the know-how to manage cultural diversity. Here you can find latest digital newsletter with all news:



CS.TOUR TRAINING COURSE: a ‘cure’ for the hospitality industry!

The partners of CS.Tour have been working in a training course to strength skills within the tourism and hospitality sector in terms of both European Reference Framework Key Competences 6: Social Skills & Competencies and 8: Cultural Awareness & Expression.Brighton 2

The course consists of the curriculum, methodological guide, training kit, syllabus, and the training e-platform, all designed to develop the appropriate social and cultural awareness skills, and has been validated for testing during the meeting organized in Brighton on April 6th and 7th.

The developed CS.Tour Training Curriculum concentrates on the challenges and demands that tourism industry in European countries faces today. The suggested outline of typical knowledge, skills, and attitudes is useful in order to make the learners competitive in the labour market and eager to develop within the industry.




The new professional profile of Job Broker at European scale has been completed!

The partners of Job Broker project have completed the definition and implementation of the new professional profile of Job Broker at European level during the meeting held in Berlin on January 19th and 20th.BERLIN JOB BROKER 2 - copia

The profile, which has been developed among DOCUMENTA and the other 7 partner organizations of the project, has been built from the information collected during the in depth research activities carried out under IO1, and it defines the common competency standards, for the successful Job Broker, including an identified skills set (both practical and soft skills), through which the competencies of the successful Job Broker's role/job are clearly defined.



Intercultural Counsellors for the European Labour Mobility

Expert Course – First Edition

amicoWithin the activities of the project "Amico and alliance for mobility", the University of Seville presents the first edition of the EXPERT COURSE “Intercultural Counsellors for the European Labour Mobility". This course is provided online and adapted to the circumstances of the students. It includes 15 ECTS, with a duration of three months in a flexible schedule and through a tutorial system. The course will start during March and pre-registration and registration can be made until the 27th of February 2017.

The professional practice of intercultural mediation for labour mobility between countries of the European Union claims a comprehensive and interdisciplinary training: European labour and legal management, good command on multicultural communication, linguistic keys and digital skills. With these aims, the students will exercise professional quality responding to the needs of the present moment.

The content is offered in a wide range of different disciplines with legal, labor, cultural, linguistic, psycho-pedagogical, ICT and management frameworks in four theoretical modules plus two practical ones: laboratory and co-working.

This course for experts is developed within the ERASMUS + program with the support and advice of a consortium of European companies, entities and universities (University of Applied Labor Studies of Germany -HDBA- and department of psychology of La Sapienza in Rome).

For more information, please, click on the Permanent Training Center of the University of Seville or write an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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