Mentoring sessions for Third Country Nationals within the Mingle project

Mingle - Fotografía Noticia mentoringFor two months, DOCUMENTA is developing the last phase of the Mingle project, MENTORING: personalized advice to TCNs (Third Country Nationals) on legal, labor, educational, cultural and leisure issues.

Through this phase, the needs presented by TCNs are known and analyzed, trying to find solutions to their interests via information, references and recommendations that contribute to improving their integration in the host society.

So far it has had the support of organizations such as La Columbeta, Nueva Vida or La Cocina Económica, advising people with different needs and achieving objectives related to studies, volunteering or work issues.


Towards Cultural Citizenship of Migrant and Refugee Women

InCommonToolkit enINCOMMON TOOLBOX, the toolkit

The InCommon Toolbox project developed a full methodology for social integration through cultural participation. The methodology itself, its stages and resources are collected in a free toolkit available online.

The InCommon toolkit provides the materials for implementing a pathway to social inclusion and active citizenship through participation in culture for migrant women, third-country nationals, and refugees.


Join the InCommon experience in the Final Conference of the project

InCommonConferenceInCommon is a project funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Commission for the integration of refugees and migrants, with the participation of partners from Austria, Cyprus, Spain and Greece. The project has implemented, along more than two years, an individualized guidance pathway aimed at 400 migrant women to achieve their full participation in the host community through culture.

As a final touch to this work, next 17th July at 9:00CEST we are holding a final conference to disseminate the results of the project and reflect on integration and culture regarding migrant women.


What's on the FENCE project?

FENCE 1 enThe partners of the FENCE project launched the first digital newsletter that reports on the status of the project and upcoming activities. If you want more information follow the link.

FENCE - Fighting gENder bias and Contributing in gender Equity- is a European project of the Erasmus+ initiative that aims to decrease gender bias through equality awareness and building gender competence.

The roots of the FENCE project are the gender stereotyping which exists today and limits the development of the natural talents and abilities of women and men, as well as their educational and professional experiences and life opportunities in general. The project encourages empowerment and building actions for those working primarily as public staff in local authorities, public bodies, social affairs services, NGOs, CSOs members and any others working in the field of gender equality or human rights promotion.