DOCUMENTA transfers a successful project to other European countries

Inma Turco SDR15Approved by Turkish National Agency, INMA project has as main aim the transference of the Innovation Management Agent profile and its training package to new European countries as Turkey, Portugal, Italy and Romania.

The Innovation Management Agent is a professional profile which was defined by DOCUMENTA and tested through a previous Leonardo da Vinci project. Its main aim is to contribute to foster competitiveness in small and medium size enterprises through innovation, apart from contributing to labour insertion of women in a sector in which they are underrepresented.


JOB BROKER - newly-emerging occupational profile in Europe

JobBrokerRoma2015DOCUMENTA participates in a new project to support the newly-emerging occupational profile of the ‘Job Broker’ in Europe have just started with the 2 days kick off meeting in Rome, a meeting in which all partners went through and debated foreseen activities to be developed by the partnership during the next 3 years.

The project addresses one of the key objectives of the EU strategic framework for European cooperation in education & training (ET 2020) bringing together 8 EU countries (Spain, UK, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy and Island) to develop and validate jointly a 'new' curriculum programme which contributes towards improving the quality, efficiency & relevance (attractiveness) of VET to the needs of the labour market.


CS TOUR starts, a new project which will strengthen interpersonal and cultural awareness skills in the tourism and hospitality industry

CS Tour: Cultural Awareness and Social Skills Key Competences in TourismCS TOUR Santander

The new project CS TOUR starts with the kick off meeting in Santander where, apart from DOCUMENTA as host, participated 6 other partners from Greece (DIMITRA), Cyprus (MMEC and Larnaka Tourism Board), UK (RINOVA and Learn Train Recruit) and Sweden (FOLKUNIVERSITET).

CS TOUR is an European project approved under Erasmus +, which main aim is to create and test a customized programme for european citizens working in the tourism and hospitality industry to develop appropriate interpersonal and cultural awareness skills, the ability to recognize cultural differences in personal values and behaviour, and acquire the know-how to manage cultural diversity.


FINAL CONFERENCE OF PR-ERF PROJECT: a solid training programme for the career development of personal assistants in the healthcare sector

PR-ERF FINALIn a economy characterized by change and evolution is required an adaptation of the skills and knowledge of workers to maintain their employability and career development.

This means to cope with a training provision that it is not known in advance and must be updated continuously. In this sense, CVET is the best supporting for companies and workers.

PR-ERF is a two year European project of the Leonardo Da Vinci initiative that faces this situation by providing through the curriculum proposed in the Key Competences of European Reference Framework the knowledge, but also, skills and attitudes that will assist the upskilling of employees along their working life.

To disseminate results of the project and present the PR-ERF e-learning platform was the main objective of the conference organised by DOCUMENTA on 22Th October 2015 in Santander.