Partners of INMATOUR project held in London the second transnational meeting

INMATOURLondresRepresentatives from Rinova Ltd (UK), MMC (CY), Dimitra (GR) and DOCUMENTA (ES) as promoter of the project, participated past September 17th and 18th in the second transnational meeting of INMATOUR project; a project that has as main objective the design and testing of a new training curriculum to deepen and enable the efficient and sustainable management, innovation and marketing of tourist destinations at European level.

During those days the partners shared and exchanged opinions on the 5 training areas which are part of the curriculum (creativity, Sustainability, ITC, Governance and Territorial Social Responsibility), apart from the training package and annexes with training tools and methodologies which will facilitate the trainers when providing such training.


PR-ERF : A comprehensive training package for personal assistant in healthcare sector

PR-ERF is an innovative training solution that includes:

PRERFnBol1. A training curricula and methodological tools for development of 8 ERF competences in CVET for personal assistants in healthcare sector.

2. Assessment tool for validation of students’ level and gaps to required EQF level on entry and also students results. This makes KCs acquired in CVET programmes transferable and recognizable in all EU countries.

3. Moodle E-learning platform.

4. Comprehensive training for trainers’ material.

PR-ERF curriculum has a target group of VET students attending the program “personal assistant in a healthcare sector, doctor assistant, dentist assistant” and the like.


Newsletter nº 1 project INMATOUR

Newsletter n1 of INMATOUR project has been released with information about the basic project concepts and aims, the main expected results and outputs and the partners participating towards the common goal.

Feel free to download the newsletter in Spanish in this link

Feel free to download the newsletter in English in this link

Feel free to download the newsletter in Greek in this link

Feel free to download the newsletter in Sweden in this link


New Brochure project INMATOUR

We have published the new brochure of the new Strategic Partnerships Project funded by the Union for the Erasmus + program: INMATOUR (European Intelligent Innovation Manager and Responsible Tourism Destination).


 Link here to view the brochure in Spanish and  link here to download it

  Link here to view the brochure in English and link here to download it.

 Link here to view the brochure in Greek and link here to download it.

 Link here to view the brochure in Sweden and link here to download it.