Working meeting of Job Broker’s partnership with London Youth in UK

jobLondon1Representatives from Rinova Ltd, Enfap Toscana and Documenta participated in the meeting held with the organization Youth London on July 24th in London.

During the meeting participants exchanged information on methodologies for career guidance. They also discuss the role of job brokers on labour market inclusion of people with special difficulties, in this case, young people between 18-24 years long-term unemployed.

The event was an excellent opportunity to know the Talent Match London initiative, a youth-led partnership approach to supporting unemployed young people into positive and productive futures. Meanwhile Job Broker partners presented the methodological guide developed in the project that defines the competency framework for Job Brokers.

The Job Broker, an emerging occupational profile

jobBrokerSdr22The analysis of the occupational role of the Job Broker and the provision of training at European level are some of the topics discussed on the dissemination event held on 19 June in Santander within the project The Evolving role of the JOB BROKER across the EU. This seminar closured the transnational meeting celebrated the day before by the consortium of the project.

“Job brokering in training for employment, the occupational profile of an emerging job” was the title chosen for the seminar in which 43 guidance practitioners and job brokers from diverse backgrounds and countries discussed about competences, tasks and new needs of this occupational profile to face the requirements of both labour market and their own labour conditions.

The framework proposed by the project emphasizes in the relationship of the job broker with three types of clients, job seekers, employers and funding bodies. And client approach is the core of the job brokering service, therefore, it is important that job broker has the right skills set and competency level to meet the expectations of these three clients, and needs to balance these effectively.


Key competences for personal assistant in healthcare sector

prerfTesalonicaThe Greek city of Thessaloniki held the fourth meeting of the European project PR-ERF on May the 4th. The purpose of the meeting was to monitor the implementation and progress of the project and present the pedagogical materials prepared for the delivery of the training program in key competences of the European Framework (ERF) for personal assistant in the health care sector, which is the overall project objective.

PR-ERF is a two-year project that has passed its hal-fway mark and it is currently in piloting phase.


The Second meeting of the SEE-ME project (Methodology for Early Warning detection of risk for Early School Leaving) will take place in Holland in July 2015

IMG-20150520-WA0000More than 13% of young people (18-24) in Europe are early school leavers, and they are at heightened risk of poor participation in the labour market and social exclusion over their entire life course. Such critical risk situation involves not only an immense waste of the individual potential of young people, but also has serious social and economic consequences for the EU countries.

Since February 2015, DOCUMENTA is taking part on the Erasmus + project “Methodology for Early Warning detection of risk for Early School Leaving (ESL), which is aims to elaborate an early warning mechanism (methodological handbook with training materials), that enables schools to detect pupils at risk at as early stage as possible, and take proper actions to prevent ESL. The handbook, combined with European and international best practises, will enable schools to develop concrete ESL-related strategies and actions.