Testing YES PACK: Training Pilots for Young Entrepreneurs

Now available the 4th newsletter of European project YES describing the testing of YES PACK training programme for entrepreneurs, main result of the project.

Young entrepreneurs in Spain, Turkey, Greece and Portugal have tested Logo YEs
YES PACK training program, which offers key contents to start up and successfully manage a business. YES PACK is an innovative VET programme addressing young unemployed, referring to Youth Entrepreneurship and providing with materials and educational contents essential for any prospective successful entrepreneur.

YES PACK Learning Units:

1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship, 2. Starting a Business, 3. Risk Management and Business Law, 4. Marketing, 5. Business Finance and Economics, 6. Management of a Firm, 7. Taxation, 8. Business Plan.

More information in YES European project 4th Newsletter

Tackling Youth Unemployment Through Entrepreneurship

yesTurquiaYES PACK entrepreneurs training program, educational materials and tools were presented to 180 stakeholders during the closure conference of European project "YES: Youth unemployment: Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills" held in Istanbul, Turkey this Friday October 24th, 2014.

Throughout two years YES project consortium, including education providers from Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Turkey, analyzed and adjusted to their country contexts two previous entrepreneurship programs, in order to develop YES PACK innovative entrepreneurship training program, suitable for young unemployed in different countries.

YES PACK blended learning program fosters Entrepreneurial Skills among young unemployed. It focuses on understanding the business and macroeconomic environment, as the concepts related to a business and to entrepreneurs. The program combines in-class and e-learning sessions for the study of 8 entrepreneurship Learning Units: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Starting a Business, Risk Management and Business Law, Marketing, Business Finance and Economics, Management of a Firm, Taxation, and Business Plan.


Practical Methodology for Acquiring Key Competences of European Reference Framework through Continuous Vocational Education and Training

PRERF1 ESIf you are a PERSONAL ASSISTANT or a personal assistant trainer then this Project is for you. Through PR-ERF a holistic methodology will be developed to help you to develop yourself in the European Reference Framework competences, taking into account the specifics of your own profession.

PR-ERF project is two year Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project whose aim is to develop a holistic methodology for recognition and development of 8 ERF Key Competences as a package of Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes that all individuals need to acquire through CVET for personal fulfilment, development, inclusion and employment.

Further information about the project in Newsletter 1

Ageing Workforce: How to Make the Challenge an Opportunity

LIKEathensIn September concludes the European initiative LIKE, focused on combating age barriers in employment and adaptability of older workers to the changing business and social environment. The closure conference of LIKE project, which took place in Athens (Greece) on September 25th, brought together many experts from various international organizations working in the field of employment, together with the project partners, who could exchange knowledge and experiences on the subject area.

Like partnership, was one of the first consortia to look at how the growing ageing population regarded as one of the biggest challenges Europe has to face, can be, through innovative management and investment in Human Resources turned into a huge asset.

During the first part of the closure event key findings of the project and innovative tools developed by LIKE partnership were presented. The Model for Age Management at workplaces including comprehensive approaches such as: Recruitment and retention without age discrimination, training programs for older workers, intergenerational programs, flexible working conditions, promoting health at work, etc. was also introduced.