DOCUMENTA visits the Netherlands

PR ERF TILB1‘PR-ERF’ 2nd transnational meeting was held on 10th – 11th of July 2014 in Tilburg, Netherlands. The meeting was dedicated primarily to elaboration of 8 ERF competences curricula and creation of e-learning platform.

During the first day the partnership presented the research results in all partner countries which aimed to gather information about current situation regarding ERF Key competences in CVET. As a result partners have done an inventory of existing training curricula and methodologies in ERF 8 competences in CVET. Moreover partners reported about first meetings of national expert group for assistance in development of training material.

Major part of the second day consisted of 2 brainstorimng sessions: one on the template for the curriculum development for 8 Key Competences, and the other on the ideas regarding the e-learning platform.

PR-ERF projects enters in a second phase that will lead to the development of training curricula, methodological tools for trainers and selfa-assesment tool on KCs.

Practical Methodology for Acquiring Key Competences of EU Reference Framework through Continuous VET (PR-ERF) is a Leonardo Da Vinci Project, launched on the 1st of December 2013. The main goal of the project is to adapt the European Reference Framework for Key competences (ERF KCs) to CVET to facilitate learners` personal fulfillment, development, inclusion and employment.


Publication of Comparative Analysis of JOB BROKER Project

JobBrokerResENOne of the activities planned within the project JOB BROKER, participating in Documenta, has been a comparative research on the figure, profile and skills of Job Broker in the participating countries.

The findings were presented at the last meeting held in Florence (February 2014) and the executive summary of the comparative research is now available in Spanish and English.

The ‘JOB BROKER. The evolving role of the JOB BROKER across the EU’ is a Leonardo Partnerships funded project led by the UK with partners in Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Austria and Iceland.

It consists of a programme of study (mobility) visits and initial development work over two years to explore the Vocational Education and Training (VET) dimension of the occupational figure of the 'JOB BROKER'. This relates to VET and employability professionals who have an occupational role concerned with supporting unemployed young people and job-seekers with multiple disadvantages to find employment.

To download the executive summary, please, click here

Futher information about the project:

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Solution to Youth Unemployment

YESlarisaThe YES PACK educational materials, based on the development of key competence Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship or the ERF, to train unemployed youth are ready. Partner countries in the Leonardo da Vinci "YES: Youth unemployment: Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills" project have gathered this month, on February 18th and 19th, in Larissa (Greece) to participate in an active workshop familiarize with Athena multimedia platform, the main tool for e-learning study of the educational contents of YES PACK for young entrepreneurs.

YES PACK is a blended learning program combining in-class sessions with distance learning (e-learning) for Young entrepreneurs. The program is an entrepreneurship qualification program, with 8 modules which contain module training material, specific assignments, additional material and discussion forums: (1) Knowledge management; (2) Entrepreneurship and starting a business; (3) Risk management and business law; (4) SME marketing; (5) Business finance and economics; (6) Management of a firm; (7) SME taxation; (8) Business plan.


Age Management Strategies at Workplaces: Scotland Parliament Study Visit

LIKE glasgowThis month on January 16th – 17th 2014 Documenta traveled to Scotland to further work on the implementation of Age Management Strategies at workplaces, priority of the European initiative LIKE, committed to combat age barriers in employment and promoting the adaptability of older workers to the changing business and social environment.

On Thursday January 16th LIKE project partners participated in the 5th project meeting, organized in Glasgow by the Scottish project partner the University of Strathclyde, to ultimate the ongoing project activities and developments, review the Age Management Strategies’ pilot experiment in real enterprises, and examine its first results.

On January 17th the partnership went to Edinburgh to take part in a Study Tour to Scottish Parliament, as part of the awareness raising activities planned within LIKE project. The Parliament visit was centered on a presentation of Scotland's Futures Forum, created by the Scottish Parliament to help its Members, along with policy makers, businesses, academics, and the wider community of Scotland, look beyond immediate horizons, to some of the challenges and opportunities to be faced in the future. Looking beyond the 4 year electoral cycle and away from party politics, the forum seeks to stimulate public debate in Scotland, bringing fresh perspectives, ideas and creative solutions.