Vienna Local LLL Power

LLLViena1Documenta attended the last transnational meeting of the project Local Lifelong Learning Power that took place in Vienna (Austria) on the 14th and 15th June 2012, hosted by ZSI. The main objective of this meeting was to assess all the visits that have been developed along the project implementation. This project is coordinated by MetropolisNet and has the participation of partners from Berlin (Gsub), Hamburg (Lawaetz Stiftung), Vienna (ZSI), Emmen (Gemeente Emmen), Roma (CIOPS FP) and Dublin (Dublin Employment Pact), in addition to Santander (Documenta).

This initiative aims the empowerment of people through lifelong learning as a means to improve their employability. In order to achieve this goal, partners have learnt how some organizations from different countries implement lifelong learning and the inclusion of people in the labour market. This learning has been done through the exchange of experiences and information during the visits which have been organized in each of the participant cities.


GUIDE! - Case Study Workshop

Guide rgbThe partners of the GUIDE! – Good Guidance Stories project attended to a training session that took place in the working centre of the Hungarian partner ‘Budapest Chance Non-profit Ltd.’.

In this meeting, that was developed on the 6th, 7th and 8th of June 2012 the members of the different organizations which work in this project –MetropolisNet (Germany), CIOFS-FP (Italy), Documenta (Spain), Gsub (Germany), Employment Service Unit of Tampere (Finland), ZSI (Austria), Ballymun Job Centre (Ireland) and the above mentioned, Budapest Chance Non-profit– participated in a training workshop on how to write a case study and how to teach through the case studies methodology.


Transnational Meeting of the JS - Toolbox Project in Maastricht

The fourth transnational meeting of the project JS-Toolbox (METHODOLOGICAL TOOLBOX FOR DEVELOPMENT OF NEW SKILL FOR FUTURE JOBS) was held in Maastricht (Netherlands) between 31 May and 1 June 2012. This meeting was atended by members of Documenta, along with members of other European organisations as Folkuniversitet, promoter of the project - Sweden-, Dimitra –Greece-, Studies Staropolska Bab'ya Przemysłowo - Handlowao - Poland - and Revalento - Netherlands.

The project's main object is the adaptation of competencies and skills that are provided in vocational training to the emergence of new professional profiles and to changes in the labour market. The forecast of the future demands of the labour market for the different sectors is a very useful tool for trainers and educators in guiding the learning paths of different specialties, and qualifying them to address the delivery of these new powers. Thus will be possible a greater fit between employment and capacities, which will undoubtedly help the brake of structural unemployment.


Age Management Towards Sustainaible Employment

AWB2SantWebAge Work Balance European project arises from the deep conviction that integration into sustainable employment of the long-term unemployed aged 50 + will promote the long term financial maintenance of the European social models. This project is based on the belief that active participation combined with adequate job opportunities will allow people to live a longer and healthier life while developing their own potential.

Documenta, European Institute for Training and Development Studies, is actively participating to achieve Age Work Balance project aim, the study of successful practices, variables and networks for the integration of older long-term unemployed into the labour market in metropolitan areas, so these can be implemented and transversally considered within European policies.  

In order to reach Age Work Balance project objective the participating organizations are analyzing 7 existing measures located in 7 European cities: Dublin, Tampere, Berlin, Hamburg, Santander, London and Vienna.