CERF Project Is in Its Final Stage!

CERF-3NewsletterThe Training Material as well as the Pilot Trainings for the 5 Key Competencies, defined by ERF as essential to European Competitiveness, have been accomplished.

We talk about these and another actions in the attached newsletter, we wish you enjoy reading it!

3rd CERF PROJECT newsletter


DOCUMENTA Organised a Professional Meeting on Lifelong Learning Challenges and Opportunities related to Training, Counselling, and Labour Insertion

JORNADA 1On 19th June 2013 DOCUMENTA carried out a meeting with more than 30 professionals from the fields of training, career counselling and business consultancy in Cantabria, to reflect on the role played by Lifelong Learning in the creation of opportunities for access to the labour market and the labour integration of different groups within the current socio-economic context.

The seminar, held in the facilities of the Cantabrian Institute of Health and Safety at work in Santander, has had the presence of Maria Angeles Sopeña, Director of the regional PES, which intervened in the first part of it and answered the questions of the attendees.

The event has been attended by organizations such as CEOE-CEPYME or IFES Cantabria, as well as the social services of the City Council of Santander, regional social assistance associations, local development agencies (municipalities of Colindres, Bárcena de Cicero, Alto Asón), and several non-profit organizations (Red Cross, Fundación Diagrama, AMICA,Foundation AFIM or Secretariado Gitano).


Innovative Age Management Concepts Ensuring the Transfer of Knowledge and Experience of Elderly Workers

LIKE LODZThe European initiative LIKE, committed to combat age barriers in employment and promoting the adaptability of older workers to the changing business and social environment, has completed its first year and a half devoted mainly to the study, analysis and research of the employment / age trends in the EU, and the factors and challenges affecting workers 50+.

We are currently finalizing the activities of the third work package aiming to develop Business Concepts for Age Management & Investment in the HR sector (work package 3) whose main outcome is the development of the Model for Enterprises Age Management compiling comprehensive approaches such as free age recruitment and retention, training programmes specific for older workers, intergenerational programs aimed to elderly workers, intergenerational programmes, flexible working, health protection and promotion, etc.


Lifelong Learning and Key Competences for Employment

CERF BOOKLETLifelong learning has become a necessity for all citizens. We need to develop our skills and competences throughout our lives, not only for our personal fulfilment and our ability to actively engage with the society in which we live, but for our ability to be successful in a constantly changing world of work.

The knowledge, skills and aptitudes of the European workforce are a major factor in the EU’s innovation, productivity and competitiveness. Growing internationalization, the rapid pace of change, and the continuous roll-out of new technologies mean that Europeans must not only keep their specific job-related skills up-to-date, but also possess the generic competences that will enable them to adapt to change.

The Council and the European Parliament adopted, at the end of 2006, a European Framework for Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. The Framework identifies and defines, for the first time at the European level, the key competences that citizens require for their personal fulfillment, social inclusion, active citizenship and employability in our knowledge-based society. So, competences can be defined as a combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to the context.