The InCommon Toolbox experience

InCommonExperienceThe InCommon Toolbox project has developed the Cultural Citizenship Scale (ECC), a methodology for the exercise of active citizenship through culture aimed at migrant women, third-country nationals and refugees.

The scale is intended to be a flexible and easily adaptable tool to offer migrant women the support they need at the right time. The reasons for migration, the motivation for migration, the conditions of departure from the country and the situation in destination, the duration of the migratory trip, the episodes of violence due to the fact of being women, cultural differences - not only with the host country but also among the different participants; the language proficiency, the gender perception or economic situation make up a diverse group with different needs.

InCommon project partners have implemented the scale in the field and tested its possibilities with a positive result. That is why we want to briefly present the different experiences that have been carried out in the participating countries of the project.


InCommon Toolbox Final Conference

Towards migrant women and refugees cultural citizenship


The COVID 19 global pandemic makes unviable to hold the conference on schedule. These are unexpected and rapidly evolving circumstances beyond our control. Once the alarm state ends, we will resume the activities for the dissemination of the materials and InCommon experiences. The desire of the InCommon team is a prompt containment of the virus and a quick recovery of those affected.

InCommon Toolbox is a project funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Commission for the integration of refugees and migrants, with the participation of partners from Austria, Cyprus, Spain and Greece. The project has implemented, along more than two years, an individualized guidance pathway aimed at 400 migrant women to achieve their full participation in the host community through culture.

As a final touch to this work we will hold a final conference involving all the agents who participated during the lifetime of the project.

It will be a day in which we will present the results of the project and make a reflection on integration through culture and education. Special attention will also be given to other issues such as improving access to cultural resources by the migrant population at local level or the specific barriers migrant women faced in their integration process.

As starter here it is the agenda. Attendance is free and open prior registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We publish the second In2c Project Newsletter

In2C - Portada segunda Newsletter InglesThe second newsletter of the European In2C Project (Integration of Third Country Nationals in the Construction Sector) is now available, where you can find the latest news and developments.

This second Newsletter contains information about the work carried out during the first year of the Project: the completion of Work Package 3 (WP3) -Identification of Good Practices, labor market needs and barriers in Construction Sector-; aspects related to the impact of the communication and dissemination process; preparation of the In2C training curriculum and the online platform for job seekers and employers (SOnAT); next transnational meeting in Cyprus, etc.

The European In2C project aims to integrate immigrants into the Construction Sector, and for this it prepares an innovative methodology based on a Training Package (Technical Vocabulary, Labor Legislation and Occupational Health and Safety) on-site and online, through the SOnAT platform, which wants to be a meeting point between employers and TCNs looking for a job opportunity in the Sector.

After one year, the In2C Project will begin with training activities, the establishment of networks between employers and TCNs and the creation of the online tool for skills assessment in the Construction Sector (SOnAT).

To learn more and stay informed, click on the following link:

Second In2C Project Newsletter 


InCommon project launches artistic expression and intercultural knowledge contests at EU level

InCommon ConcursosInCommon project has launched four contest at EU level address to migrant women, third country nationals. They aim to promote the self expression through art and to contribute to the mutual knowledge between cultures.

Music, photos and digital storytelling are the means to give voice to migrant women and promote the self expression with the final goal to strengthen bonds between the different communities that live together in the host society.

This is a EU level activity that seeks the exchange of perspectives in the countries participating in the InCommon project, Austria, Cyprus, Greece and Spain however the call is open to any migrant women third national country that lives in the EU.

In order to share and expand the perspectives of the works in competition, a popular voting period will open in which all the works will be shown and voted for them.