International meeting in Turkey on the occasion of FamSkill European Project kick off

FamSkill-1st meeting Last 10th of January, was concluded the first meeting of the European Project  FamSkill. DOCUMENTA participates in this project which will help adults with low levels of basic skills to re-engage with learning through an innovative family learning programme. The intervention will focus on three major dimensions: improving basic skills levels through family literacy activities (reading and writing, numeracy, digital skills); developing the learning to learn competence; and increasing parental understanding of school processes and pedagogies trough their participation.  FamSkill project is expected to contribute to: the upskilling of adult's basic skills by designing and innovative, integrated curriculum for family learning and the subsequent training materials;  increase capacity on relevant stakeholders (schools, NGO's, other educational organisation) to support and promote the implementation of family learning programmes.

The meeting was attended by representatives of 6 organizations from different countries: Turkey (2 organizations), Romania, Poland, Slovenia and Spain. During the meeting was analyzed the main action lines of the project and the outcomes expected. Also it was discussed the quality, evaluation and dissemination plans, and were clarified the different contribution from partners. 

Season's Greetings


Work Quality at +55

BeOld LogoKick off meeting of BeOld project was held in Athens on 30th November and 1st December 2017.

The impact of demographic ageing is one of the challenges of the EU nowadays. Populations aged 65 years and over is estimated to increase in Europe from 16% (2010) to 25.6% by 2040, according to Eurostat.

In addition to pension reforms, the European Commission has recommended to the member States the following actions: raise participation of older workers, promoting access to training and stimulating lifelong learning and improving working conditions to provide an attractive, safe and adaptable work environment throughout working life. Also, an intensive focus should be on policies that reflect actions taken in order to ensure employment of older workers.

Despite this recommendations, workers +55 cope with labour market discrimination based on stereotypes, a shortage of training opportunities, the challenge of unemployment and early retirement options.

This is the starting point of BeOLD project, which main objective is to provide both aged workers and RRHH directors the tools for a better management and adaptation of +55 workers to their jobs.


The first meeting of the European project Coop-in was held in Santander

Coop-in SDRThe meeting took place at Chiqui Hotel in Santander, on November 23rd and 24th. The project aims to raise awareness about the advantages of implementing social innovation at work by developing a complex social innovation training kit for the most important potential actors of the field, primarily focusing on corporate VET trainers and mentors. The project builds on the latest educational trends, applying gamification and micro learning approaches; enhances commitment, learning motivation by game elements; and micro-learning and scenario-based learning approach to ensure learning efficacy. The project partners are: ISQ (Portugal), TREBAG (Hungary), CARDET (Cyprus), ETA (UK) and MEATH (Ireland). On behalf of DOCUMENTA, attended its president Javier Farto, and as technical staff Claudia Presa and Raquel Cadenas.