InCommon, training on Key Competences for migrant women

InCommonwp3InCommon launched the Start Up stage of the project. The objective is to train migrant women in those competences that will facilitate their personal development and integration into the cultural and educative life of the host community and at the same time share their own cultural background. To this end they are receiving training in 3 of the of KCs of the ERF, plus a training on Leadership.

Women will acquire skills that will help them to interact in a digital environment, to be aware of the relations between their own culture and the hosting community, to be able to express themselves and send feedback on cultural activities and, finally to be aware of the importance of learning to learn as a tool for personal development and interaction in the community.


CoopIn project steady progress during its meeting in Lisbon

CoopInDocumenta attended the last week a meeting, which took place in Lisbon, between the partners of the CoopIn project to put into practice part of the materials that have been created: the online serious game and the activities of each of the modules. In the training, which lasted three days, we could see the good work of the organizations that integrate the project, focusing on learning to familiarize and work on fundamental aspects from the perspective of Social Innovation as a main tool for learning today.

In the meeting it was possible to try for the first time the online serious game designed by Trebag (Hungary) from the materials created by all the other partners. It is not yet open for users who want to try it, but we could see the good pace at which it develops. The game has a great appeal not only visually but also as a learning tool.


The Cultural Citizenship Scale, a milestone of InCommon project

curso1The Cultural Citizenship Scale (CCS) is intended as an individual guidance methodology for counsellors and practitioners that works with migrant women on integration issues that helps them to provide personal assessment and effective methods to support women in their pathway to the full exercise of active citizenship. This scale will be applied along the project to assist beneficiaries of the project and design activities according to their needs.

The CCS is a combination of the Active Citizenship Scale, firstly introduced in the framework of the EMKit project, with the Key Competences of the European Reference Framework.


Documenta and Santander City Council launch the MINGLE Spanish courses for immigrants

cursos idiomaDocumenta and the Santander City Council in collaboration organized three Spanish courses, which began the 11th of February. These trainings are part of the program of activities of the European MINGLE project. At the inauguration of one of them - the one given at the CMICAD’s facilities - representatives of both the public body and the association attended it. The mayor of Santander, Gema Igual, the councillor for Family, Social Services, Immigration and Development Cooperation, María Tejerina, as well as the president of Documenta, Javier Farto, were the people in charge of welcoming the people who will participate in the course, which will last for four weeks.

In addition to the course that will be given at the CMICAD facilities, two more language trainings, of the same duration, are being developed at the UNILANG facilities. Some 65 people are currently receiving Spanish classes thanks to the MINGLE project. Previously, an initial course was started, carried out in Bezana, where 15 people participated. This training does not end here, since it is planned to do at least one more course of learning Spanish, in addition to the rest of the activities programmed within the project.