StepUp2ICT. The Multiplier event in Spain

StepUpMEesOn the 19th September took place at the CEPA Escuelas Verdes (Adult Education Centre Escuelas Verdes) in Santander a seminar to disseminate the StepUp2ICT project and its results.

The agenda of the session also included information on the European Framework for Digital Competences of Educators and learning activities using open digital tools.

The StepUp2ICT online course, the OERs available on the web of the project and the StepUp Community were other topics addressed.

Participants showed their interest on how to improve the teaching/learning process using TICs and also noted the barriers they could prevent a proper implementation of ICT in adult education process, from the difficulties from learners to the own lack of ICT skills of some trainers.

The methodology and the results of the project were well valued by the participants, some of the feedback pointed out the usefulness of the tools and express their interest in deepen on the open resources.

Bucharest held the final conference and the last transnational meeting of the BeOld Project

BeOld - Conferencia Final

BeOld-Reunion trasnacional

On September 17 and 18, Documenta participated in the final Conference and in the last meeting of the Erasmus + project: BeOld.

The conference, held at the Ramada Majestic Hotel in the Romanian capital, was attended by various authorities in the country and project partners who announced the results obtained after two years of project. The event convened a wide audience that could learn more about the structure, objectives and materials achieved with the project, among others.

Documenta participated in the event explaining to the attendees the opinions of the participants in the various training offered, both for older workers and for Human Resources managers and personnel of different companies and organizations.

In addition, on September 18, the last transnational meeting of the project was held in which the partners of the different participating countries (Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Romania and Spain) evaluated the results obtained and the impact of the project.


Informative events about Erasmus+ projects, developed by Documenta in Cantabria

Throughout September, Documenta will organise two instructive events about 3 of the Erasmus+ projects that carries out in Cantabria: BeOld, FamSkill y Coop-In.
EurekaEspacio Joven

The Centro Cultural Europeo Eureka (23/09/2019) and the Espacio Joven del Ayuntamiento de Santander (30/09/2019) will be the two venues where the informative talks about the 3 Erasmus+ initiatives, which Documenta has been running in Cantabria for the last 2 years, will take place.

Three projects, that aim different target groups and have obtained successful outputs, will be introduced along with developed materials and available resources for each initiative, both of them necessary in order to implement the project in other locations and contexts. Moreover, there will be an approach to the features and requirements of the Erasmus+ programmes.

These informative events are aimed at public figures, social organisations, development agencies and everyone interested in the Erasmus+ programmes.

The projects that will be presented in these informative events are the following:

BeOld: “Better work in old age. Supporting older workers and organizational environment in coping with age transitions and work requirements”

FamSkill: “Basic skills and family learning. An integrated approach to help adults re-engage with learning”

Coop-in: “Social Innovation Training for Virtual Work Based Learning”

Those interested in attending can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 942 76 07 07.


Successful celebration of the 5th transnational meeting for the FamSkill project in Santander.

Famskill. 5th transnational meeting santanderDocumenta has organised the last European project FamSkill meeting, in which twelve members of the different partner countries took part.

This week, the 5th and last transnational meeting of the FamSkill project, organised by Documenta at the Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo in Santander, took place. The assembly, which gathered partners from all the countries that partake in the project (Turkey, Poland, Slovenia, Romania and Spain), was held on September 3rd and 4th.

Throughout the sessions, the project associates discussed concerns regarding the creation of a document with educative resources for parents and teachers (IO3) which will be available online on the project platform ( This way, every person interested in those matters will be able to access said information. Moreover, other topics were debated, especially the dissemination activities, which will consist on events where the European project FamSkill will be divulged. Each country will have its own events. With regard to Spain, it will be Documenta the one in charge of fixing the aforementioned events. They will take place on September 23rd and 30th in Santander, at Eureka and Espacio Joven respectively, between 18.00 and 20.00. Since it was the last project meeting, a general overview of the results obtained so far took place. Likewise, the next steps that need to be taken in order to finalise the project were planned.