Publication of the fifth newsletter

We present the 5th edition of the Job Broker e-zine Newsletter: Developing skills and learning JOB BROKER in the EU.

After 3 years of work, the Erasmus + Job Broker project comes to an end. On the occasion of the conclusion of the project, the different partners met in Vienna on days 5th and 6th of July to close the last pending issues and discuss what the next steps to take should be. In this same line, previous to this meeting, a final conference was held under the headline “Job Broker” the conference looked at the new role and understanding of Job Brokering services and defined a job profile that merges the traditional roles of Job Agents and Counsellors.

All these issues are described in depth in the newsletter, which we invite you to read in this press release, for further information, click here.


MINGLEsegundareunionDocumenta attended at the second transnational meeting, which was celebrated in Uppsala (Sweden) the last 12th and 13th of July. The program is aimed to promote the integration in long term for Third Country Nationals people in the host community, creating bonds between local agents through exchanging cultural experiences. Participants will be trained in language skills, working on political, social and institutional trust, and mentoring sessions will take place responding to an individual needs.

People from all the organizations which working together in the implementation of the project assisted at the meeting, where they specified the best strategies for the best way in which the project should be continued to have a great impact on society.


Last transnational meeting of the EPHT project

NicosiaEPHTLast 9th and 10th of July the president of Documenta, Javier Farto, attended the last transnational meeting of the project "Employer Programme for Hospitality and Tourism" (EPHT) held in Nicosia (Cyprus).

The EPHT project seeks to strengthen the relationship between educational institutions and the hospitality industry and tourism, in order to improve the curricula in order to meet the needs of the sector. For this, it aims to design a systematic methodology for the development of a successful employment program; create and develop an electronic platform as a tool to facilitate this methodology and develop a guide of good practices.


DOCUMENTA participates in the "Train the trainer" activity of the BeOld project

ReunionLast July 9, 10 and 11, DOCUMENTA was in Bucharest as part of the transnational learning "Training of trainers" which is included within the framework of the BeOld project. The meeting was attended by a total of 12 participants belonging to the 7 organizations that are part of the BeOld project.

The objective of this training of trainers was to develop the necessary skills for the different partners to offer the job orientation program proposed for older workers that has been prepared by FPSE. The training of 3 days was given by professional psychologists of FPSE and in it, a series of workshops, activities, methods and techniques of training were developed, how to transmit the message to the older workers, practical sessions and exercises to be applied later by each of the participating organizations. In addition, participants had the opportunity to learn how to adjust training to older people with special needs (chronic diseases for example).