Three Focus Groups developed within the In2C project to assess their training materials

In2C Focus GroupDuring the last weeks, DOCUMENTA developed three Focus Groups with professionals from different entities, who evaluated the training materials that will be used in the following phases of the In2C project "Integration of Third Country Nationals in the Construction Sector".

The Focus Groups were composed of professionals who work in Local Development Agencies of various municipalities of Cantabria, of the Workshop Schools, personnel of organizations such as the Red Cross or La Columbeta and by possible beneficiaries of the project, among others.


InCommon Toolbox project, findings and results

InCommonCorazonThe InCommon Toolbox project (2018-2020) implemented an individualized guidance pathway for 468 migrant women, TCNs, and refugees for the exercise of citizenship through participation in culture of the host community.

This was carried out in a four stage process conceptually supported at 3 levels:

1. Individual, through personal counselling and actions for empowerment and personal development of migrant women through training on Key Competences of the European Reference Framework and Leadership.

2. Professional, on the basis of the methodology of Cultural Citizenship Scale (CCS) and the InCommon Toolkit, both outcomes of the project.

3. Community, with the creation of a local stakeholder’s network and the organisation of interventions at local level that enabled the interaction of the network and the active citizenship of migrant women through the cultural and educative resources of the host community.


Personalized mentoring within the Mingle Project

Mingle - Noticia Mentoring CMICADDo you want to receive personalized advice on legal, labor, educational or cultural issues? Are you an immigrant? Then this may interest you.

DOCUMENTA, during the Mentoring phase of the Mingle Project, is developing free mentoring on legal, labor, educational, cultural and leisure issues for immigrants with the aim of contributing to the improvement of their integration in the host society.

Through these sessions, the participants present their needs, interests and questions about different topics and receive useful information (through guides and referrals) that will help them to better understand our society and the resources it offers.

To be able to participate, it is only necessary to register via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 697 44 84 83 (WhatsApp).


Mentoring sessions for Third Country Nationals within the Mingle project

Mingle - Fotografía Noticia mentoringFor two months, DOCUMENTA is developing the last phase of the Mingle project, MENTORING: personalized advice to TCNs (Third Country Nationals) on legal, labor, educational, cultural and leisure issues.

Through this phase, the needs presented by TCNs are known and analyzed, trying to find solutions to their interests via information, references and recommendations that contribute to improving their integration in the host society.

So far it has had the support of organizations such as La Columbeta, Nueva Vida or La Cocina Económica, advising people with different needs and achieving objectives related to studies, volunteering or work issues.