Successful celebration of the 5th transnational meeting for the FamSkill project in Santander.

Famskill. 5th transnational meeting santanderDocumenta has organised the last European project FamSkill meeting, in which twelve members of the different partner countries took part.

This week, the 5th and last transnational meeting of the FamSkill project, organised by Documenta at the Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo in Santander, took place. The assembly, which gathered partners from all the countries that partake in the project (Turkey, Poland, Slovenia, Romania and Spain), was held on September 3rd and 4th.

Throughout the sessions, the project associates discussed concerns regarding the creation of a document with educative resources for parents and teachers (IO3) which will be available online on the project platform ( This way, every person interested in those matters will be able to access said information. Moreover, other topics were debated, especially the dissemination activities, which will consist on events where the European project FamSkill will be divulged. Each country will have its own events. With regard to Spain, it will be Documenta the one in charge of fixing the aforementioned events. They will take place on September 23rd and 30th in Santander, at Eureka and Espacio Joven respectively, between 18.00 and 20.00. Since it was the last project meeting, a general overview of the results obtained so far took place. Likewise, the next steps that need to be taken in order to finalise the project were planned.


The Mingle Project takes part in the Intercultural Festival of Nations in Santander

Mingle - M.PointFor a whole month, the Mingle Project will be participating in the Intercultural Festival of Nations in Santander, hosting different activities (exhibitions, talks, workshops, escaping games…) in their own tent: the MINGLE POINT.

With an all-purpose tent in the festival, DOCUMENTA and Cmicad want all the visitors, which last year were around 350.000 people, to get to know the Mingle Project.

At the tent, the Mingle Project will hold different activities: the Mingling Experiences, which aim to develop an exchange and knowledge between locals and TCN (Third-Country Nationals), fostering integration, creating networks and removing barriers and stereotypes. These events are the next phase on the project, following the Spanish courses and the intercultural skills’ workshops. Moreover, these Mingling Experiences want the participants to get involved in the project and take part in the next phase: the Mentoring, which are counseling sessions between locals and TCNs.

On August 13th, the said activities started taking place at the Mingle Point. The opening ceremony was arranged by Intermón Oxfam (Santander), providing a talk about the Café Tierra Madre Mujer project. It was a Mingling Experience organized by DOCUMENTA to get to know and share information about the situation of women all over the world and Intermon’s initiative to help them out.

The Intercultural Festival of Nations, taking up a space of 15.000 m2, is an event where organisations and stands from all over the world get together in order to bring the best of each country to the city. This year, on its XIV edition, the Festival joins the Mingle Project showing, once again, their support for integration.


The Comanity Hub – a knowledge space for Community Animateurs

The Comanity project aims to support the rise of a new profile in youth work related to social inclusion of marginalized youth – the Community Animateur – foresees an integrated set of actions to reach such an ambitious objective. Among these, the planned and implemented online activities and tools such as the Comanity Hub play a crucial role in guaranteeing wide access and further interaction of youth workers on social inclusion and youth matters.


The Comanity Hub is a virtual environment where learning, interaction, knowledge creation and knowledge sharing are possible. It goes together with the e-learning platform, where COMANITY training programme is currently being piloted to provide a positive, knowledge-enriching experience to its users with the possibility to read or share post, articles or multimedia resources with other youth workers in the EU. Whereas the online course of Comanity is currently being tested and therefore not accessible to the wider public (will be so very soon, towards the end of 2019), the Comanity Hub is open for anyone interested, to be searched, explored, used and enriched.


ICT for Adult Educators

StepUp Cover SP“ICT for Adult Educators” handbook is aiming to stimulate the use of digital technologies in practice.

This is a result of the StepUp2ICT project, focused on building the ICT capacity of adult educators in their specific occupational context. It is mainly focused on training and workplace practices and aims for impact on the awareness of strategic and operational inclusion of the potential of technology for learning by adult education provider organizations.

The present handbook is not a text-book, academic work or a book that addresses the ICT skills curriculum. It is created to help every adult educator to use e-learning methods, tools and techniques from the planning phase to the evaluation of participants’ learning phase.