Adult/Vocational training is the key to the integration of groups at risk of exclusion into the labour market

Experts from six European countries meet in Santander to work on the development of new training and vocational/professional training quality assurance methods in order to enhance the integration of the social groups at risk of exclusion into the labour market.

On April 19th, 20th and 21st Documenta, European Development and Training Institute organized in Santander the transnational meetings of the European projects CERF (Certification Standard For European Reference Framework Key Competencies) and CQAF VET on line (Quality Assurance System Framework for Vet Providers), both projects part of the European Leonardo initiative.   

CERSant2CERF Project has the objective of developing a complete training methodology addressing groups that are at risk of exclusion. This method includes the basic competences within the European reference framework. These competences are the abilities that the European Commission considers fundamental for active citizenship. Even though the teaching of the basic competences is integrated and developed in primary and secondary education, it has been detected that there is a lack of training on these skills to adults, which in some cases, hinders the access and maintenance of stable employment.

The development of capacities such as communication in a foreign language, digital competence, civic and social competences, entrepreneurship, or cultural competence are considered abilities that added to an adequate vocational training enhance professional integration.

cqafSdrThe CQAF VET on line project is addressed to vocational and professional training providers. The project aims the adjustment of a quality assurance tool that allows organizations to ensure a quality and efficiency standard in their vocational training programs at a European level.

The relevance of these two projects arouses from their innovativeness approaching adult training and the practical character of their objective: the improvement of the quality of training and the access or maintenance of employment.

The resulting methods from both projects will test their efficiency in the partner countries. In Spain Documenta will test the products resulting from CERF and CQAF-VET projects in Santander.