GUIDE! - Case Study Workshop

Guide rgbThe partners of the GUIDE! – Good Guidance Stories project attended to a training session that took place in the working centre of the Hungarian partner ‘Budapest Chance Non-profit Ltd.’.

In this meeting, that was developed on the 6th, 7th and 8th of June 2012 the members of the different organizations which work in this project –MetropolisNet (Germany), CIOFS-FP (Italy), Documenta (Spain), Gsub (Germany), Employment Service Unit of Tampere (Finland), ZSI (Austria), Ballymun Job Centre (Ireland) and the above mentioned, Budapest Chance Non-profit– participated in a training workshop on how to write a case study and how to teach through the case studies methodology.

The GUIDE! project aims to give a response to the existing needs in the field of the guidance and career consulting in Europe because it has been found that there are not defined and unified criteria about the competences and knowledge that a guidance practitioner must have in order to develop their job in daily life. In order to achieve that goal, each project partner will write down a case study about a key competence to be a good guidance practitioner. All the case studies that are going to be developed by the partners will be collected and will be translated into all partner languages and as a result of this a training material aimed to guidance practitioners will be created.

The partners will meet again on the 15th and 16th of November in 2012 in Rome to present each partner’s case study and to set the process they will follow in order to test de contents of the case studies. Furthermore, aspects regarding dissemination and exploitation of the contents will be discussed as well as issues related to project management.