Vienna Local LLL Power

LLLViena1Documenta attended the last transnational meeting of the project Local Lifelong Learning Power that took place in Vienna (Austria) on the 14th and 15th June 2012, hosted by ZSI. The main objective of this meeting was to assess all the visits that have been developed along the project implementation. This project is coordinated by MetropolisNet and has the participation of partners from Berlin (Gsub), Hamburg (Lawaetz Stiftung), Vienna (ZSI), Emmen (Gemeente Emmen), Roma (CIOPS FP) and Dublin (Dublin Employment Pact), in addition to Santander (Documenta).

This initiative aims the empowerment of people through lifelong learning as a means to improve their employability. In order to achieve this goal, partners have learnt how some organizations from different countries implement lifelong learning and the inclusion of people in the labour market. This learning has been done through the exchange of experiences and information during the visits which have been organized in each of the participant cities.
  • The first visit was in the Shop Neukolln centre in Berlin, a centre that offeLLLViena2rs educational counselling and career guidance for everybody.
  • In Emmen (Holland) partners knew the approach called Emmen Revisited Model, an interesting approach for empowering residents through participation in local decision-making processes.
  • In September 2011 was the visit in Dublin where partners knew the Ballyfermot Partership, a centre whose objective is tackle social exclusion and poverty caused by unemployment.
  • Partner form Hamburg, Lawaetz Stiftung, organized different visits to some centres in the city. Some of the organizations that were visited were: Lawaetz Stiftung, offering counselling and practical support to entrepreneurs; Job Club Altona Potential development and Integration, focusing on young people who are still in school. They guide the people on their way into a vocational training or into a job; the Hamburguer District Schnelsen Sud, aiming to revitalize and to upgrade the centre of the district; and the Hamburger District Seilshoop, focused on empowering the residents.
  • In Livorno, partners met the Tuscany headquarters of CIOPS FP, a VET centre that offers vocational training, guidance, and transnational exchanges.
  • Finally, the last visit took place in Santander in May 2012. During this visit, partners met the work AMICA develops regarding training and employment with people with disabilities.
After knowing the evaluation of all these visits, the meeting in Vienna went on with an innovative activity aimed to further develop of ideas to implement future projects.

Finally, the meeting in Vienna concluded with a visit to Space Lab, a centre which offers a service on training and counselling to youngsters in social exclusion risk between 15 and 25 years old.