EM-kit.- Empowerment Kit for Immigrant Women with Low Education Level

EmKitLarisaEM-kit project started in October 2010 and it is expected to end in October 2012. The project is facing its final stage on schedule and due to partners’ commitment and collaboration, it was possible to manage to complete the stages set out in the work plan, as has been seen in the meeting held on 25 and 26 June in Larissa (Greece).

The general aim of the project is to improve accessibility to pre / vocational / professional education for immigrant women, especially those with low educational / working experience, in order to help them to enter labour market and to become more active members of society.

To achieve this we have designed a "kit of empowerment" that wants to be a complement and support for professionals involved in this work area: counsellors / trainers / mentors who work with immigrant women in different kind of organizations (Public Employment Services, NGO, vocational / professional training organizations).

Once the kit is finished, the dissemination and exploitation activities will be more important within the project. The goal is to optimize the value of the results and to maximize the impact in order to assure the project sustainability. Among the foreseen actions, in addition to designing posters and leaflets, there are: organizations of workshops, participation in conferences and links in national websites in the partners’ countries.

The final version of the empowerment kit will be formed by:
  • Information modules on vocational education / labour market systems, pre vocational training.
  • Self-esteem /motivational modules.
  • Support documents for bilingual mentors and trainers in order to help them in their work and the development of the “individual action plan”.
The kit will be available in the website of the project as well as in the partners’ websites.

EM-KIT is a UE LifeLongLearning project, promoted by FU- Uppsala - Folkuniversitetet Kursverksamheten vin Uppsala Universitetet -(Sweeden). Partners of the project: FU-Lunds (Sweeden), Dimitra ITD (Greece), MMC (Cyprus), AKSES (Czech Republic), FDEP (Sweeden) and Documenta (Spain).