Labour Market Age Management

LikeSuecia1In the framework of the priorities of the European agenda, arises the Like project to support the inclusion of the ageing workforce, combat the age barriers for employment, and promote the adaptability of the workforce to the rapidly changing economic and social environment.

Like project will attempt to demonstrate that the ageing workforce is a national asset that can be valued without jeopardizing economic balance. Furthermore the project aims at developing innovative business concepts related to age management processes, that will contribute to the promotion of the participation of the aged workforce on VET (Vocational Education and Training), increasing confidence and motivation and helping the 50+ re-engage in learning, while sensitizing employers to the benefit they can earn from “pushing” their older workers into vocational training.

In order to achieve this objective Like project will analyze ageing and employment trends in five partner countries: Greece, Sweden, Poland, UK (Scotland), and Spain. The project planned activities include aged workforce surveys (employed/unemployed), training modules, and awareness raising workshops and seminars addressing employers, trade unions, SMEs, aged workforce, vocational education providers, HR managers and policy makers and authorities at local, regional, national and international level.

LikeSuecia2On June 28th and 29th Documenta travelled to Stockholm to work on Like 2nd project meeting, convened to contrast the first findings and feedback to the EU employment and age trends analysis, in addition to launch next working processes, strategies and methodologies to be followed for the successful development of the project and its planned activities.

On the second day Folkunivesitetet, host partner of the meeting, invited the rest of the project partners 3L Research Institute (Greece), Academy of Management (Poland), University of Strathclyde (Scotland), and Documenta (Spain) to take a study visit to the administration offices of the university located in the city of Uppsala. During the visit workers aged 50+ shared their attitudes, and told us about the difficulties they faced due to their age increase at work. Furthermore aged workers detailed the policies implemented by Folkuniversitetet, the employer, to provide solutions to the workers needs and to facilitate their adjustment. Among others the university offers workers the following technical support and adjustment solutions: elevating tables to work standing, table extensions to support arms, incorporated roller mouse keyboards, work mobility from home, working-hours flexibility, rest area within the office, etc.

The next Like project meeting was set to be carried out on November 26th - 27th 2012 in the city of Santander and it will be hosted by Documenta.