YES: Youth Unemployment: Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills


YES EstambulUnemployment in Europe has considerably increased as a result of the global economic crisis. This increase is felt in all countries, although the severity varies widely between countries and age groups. In Spain youth unemployment rate is of 45%, in Greece it reaches the 56%, in Lithuania it is of 33%, and youth unemployment rate in Portugal is 29% while Turkey has the 18%. Nowadays unemployment rates are generally high in every country however, the highly rated unemployment affects young people.

Seeking a solution to unemployment suffered by European youngsters through the promotion of entrepreneurship, several organizations, education centers and universities, joined their experience and knowledge in the fields of education, new technologies, and entrepreneurship development in European project YES, Youth Unemployment: Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills.

At the beginning of this week on December 18th - 19th Documenta participated in the kick off opening meeting of European Project YES in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition to Spain several countries are also part of YES project: METGEM Turkey, Institute of Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ) Portugal, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED) Greece, Baltic Education Institute (BETI), Lithuania, Istanbul Young Entrepreneurs Association (ISGID) and T.R. Governorship of Istanbul, Turkey.

YES project aims to adapt and transfer two training products the young entrepreneur professional profile created by the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED), and the e-learning training tool for entrepreneurs created by BETI, Lithuania. The methodology chosen for YES project development will be equipping VET providers, tutors and educators from several countries with the tools, skills, competencies, materials and qualification to ease the development of entrepreneurship among young unemployed.

Throughout the presentation meeting of YES Project all participating partners shared diverse proposals, ideas, and suggested activities to accomplish the project main objective fostering entrepreneurs┬┤ initiative among young unemployed, as an integrating solution for the development of the needed competencies for entrepreneurship. Furthermore, YES project will open a door to enter the labor market, reducing by this youth unemployment at European level.