“Intelligent and Responsible Territories” book publishing for the European project GETIR

GETIR PUBLICACION"Intelligent and Responsible Territories" is the title of the new book by Javier Farto, President of DOCUMENTA, published within the framework of the European development of innovation project of GETIR (European Intelligent territories and responsible manager), funded with the support of the European Commission through the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

This publication aims to put the finishing touch to this initiative, started in 2010 seeking to boost the model of Intelligent and Responsible Territories model through the improvement and update of the training and professional profile of local development experts.

This book “Intelligent and Responsible Territories” is an interesting review of the key factors underpinning the new model of Local Sustainable Development in Intelligent and Responsible Territories, deepening the paradigm shift occurred in the field of local development at European level encompassing aspects such as: the formalization of the Endogenous Development paradigm, the discovery of New Sources of Employment, and the reconciliation of local-global, o the emergence of new key concerns of strategic knowledge management, good governance or social capital. Besides, it includes a final chapter with Best Practices in Intelligent and Responsible Territories as part of the pedagogical material developed for the project.

“Intelligent and Responsible Territories” has been translated to English for a better dissemination of the theoretical approach lying behind the project and its mains results, especially in regard to the new training curriculum created, with the support of the project partners: Folkuniversitetet Upssala, Bulgarian Development Agency, Romanian Institute for Adult Education and DIMITRA ITD.