Presentation of an Integrated Employment Project with Labor Intermediation

DLM presentacionUnder the name of “Zero Distance to the Labour Market”, DOCUMENTA, in cooperation with SEMFOR training centre, is planning to develop a guidance and job placement counselling project, focused on labour integration of young unemployed people (under 35 years), as well as other relevant groups of unemployment beneficiaries.

This project aims to help these people to achieve a better position at facing job seeking and/or promoting entrepreneurship. The refereed initiative is framed within the call for proposals from the Public Employment Service of Cantabria, under the title of “Proyectos Integrados de Empleo con Intermediación Laboral” (Integrated Employment Projects with Labor Mediation), and will be develop from June to December 2013.

To achieve this aim, tutoring and personal assessment methodologies have been established, focused on the individual needs of each participant, so as to create a personal itinerary tailored to promote their basic competences and personal skills to improve their employability. To accompany these training programming, labour market prospection actions are also foreseen in order to reach the employment goal. And these actions start from an active participation agreement between job counsellor- user, through smooth and effective communication channels at every step of the process-.

The rationale and strategic lines of action of this project emerge from a model of guidance and labour integration of young unemployed, which has been successfully implemented in Lincolnshire and Rutland, in the United Kingdom, by Revalento and the Saxion University, also know by the name of Labour Market Distance (LMD), and is now is being adapted to the European context through the IGMA project (EU Integration Management Agent) in the Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, Cyprus, Greece and Spain.

The project presentation took place last 1st July in the Auditorium Jesús de Monasterio (Santander), and counted with the presence of some representatives of PES in Cantabria, Antonio Raboso, the managing director of SEMFOR training centre, Germán de la Riva, and Javier Farto, president of DOCUMENTA.