JOB BROKER Visiting Reykjavik

jobBroker1In a changing labour market, the job brokering activity requires knowledge, skills and competences from different disciplines that have to be put into practice interacting with diverse actors.

This has been one of the issues addressed by the partnership of the project "JOB BROKER.- The evolving role of the JOB BROKER across the EU" in the last meeting held on 18th and 19th September in Reykjavic. Skills that the JOB BROKER should unfold in its relation to both the job seeker, the employer or the public bodies responsible for the different processes of employment fall within the areas of communication, soft skills development, emotional intelligence, advice and career guidance, knowledge of logic business, administrative process, management, team work, etc.

One of the concrete objectives of the project is the definition of knowledge, skills and competences of Job Broker against EQF and NQF in the partner countries. The result will be a better knowledge of this emerging profile at european level.

Another purpose of the partnership is to exchange, analyse and compare among the partners the good examples of effective “Job Brokering” models/practice to achieve sustained employment opportunities for young unemployed people. For it project partners held two interesting meetings with project managers Job Square program, focused on counselling and guidance of young people with difficulties in labor integration and adults with low education/work experience, and Hitt Húsið targeted to the insertion young unemployed people in cooperation with local businesses.

Next meeting is planned in March 2015 in Cyprus.

The ‘JOB BROKER. The evolving role of the JOB BROKER across the EU’ is a project funded with the support from the European Commission within Leonardo Partnerships initiative led by the UK with partners in Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Austria and Iceland.