Ageing Workforce: How to Make the Challenge an Opportunity

LIKEathensIn September concludes the European initiative LIKE, focused on combating age barriers in employment and adaptability of older workers to the changing business and social environment. The closure conference of LIKE project, which took place in Athens (Greece) on September 25th, brought together many experts from various international organizations working in the field of employment, together with the project partners, who could exchange knowledge and experiences on the subject area.

Like partnership, was one of the first consortia to look at how the growing ageing population regarded as one of the biggest challenges Europe has to face, can be, through innovative management and investment in Human Resources turned into a huge asset.

During the first part of the closure event key findings of the project and innovative tools developed by LIKE partnership were presented. The Model for Age Management at workplaces including comprehensive approaches such as: Recruitment and retention without age discrimination, training programs for older workers, intergenerational programs, flexible working conditions, promoting health at work, etc. was also introduced.

The conference participants had the opportunity to see the results of implementation of the suggested Age Management Model in real work environments at various companies in Poland, promoting longer working lives of older workers aged 50 and the transfer of their knowledge and experience to younger generations.

During the second part of the conference a diverse group of experts and stakeholders, representatives of the administration and public / private business from Scotland, Spain, Greece, Poland and Sweden, actively discussed about the impact of workforce ageing and the challenges faced by older workers and organizations in the above countries. Likewise, main actors described different examples of ‘best practices’ of age management at workplaces promoting lifelong learning and continuous update of knowledge and skills to increase employability in the future labor market.

“LIKE – Lifelong Learning through innovative Management Concepts to ensure transfer of Knowledge of Elderly People is a Multilateral Grundtvig project, financed by the European Commission, started on October 1st, 2011 with the participation of the following organizations:

Project promoter: 3L Research Institute Athens (Greece). Project partners: Folkuniversitetet Uppsala (Sweden), Documenta Santander (Spain) SWSPIZ Academy of Management Lodz (Poland), University of Strathclyde Glasgow (Scotland),

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