IGMA 3: Conference on Local Networks and Social Integration in Larissa, Greece

Igma3 larissaTechnical staff of DOCUMENTA travelled on June 7th and 8th to Larissa (Greece) to attend the conference and final meeting of IGMA3 project (Shortening Distance to Labour Market for young people with risk for unemployment and social exclusion - Distance Education for Coordinated Measures by Regional Stakeholder Networks).

Under the title "Local Networks and Social Integration", the conference brought together a large audience and various speakers from the public administration, employment services, political offices and representatives of the IGMA3 project who discussed, in a first round of interventions, work on networking at a local level and its impact on education, employment and social inclusion, and, secondly, on the importance of creating network organizations to fight against social exclusion, as well as highlighting the role of the integration agent in the European Union as a professional profile.

On June 8, the sixth transnational meeting was held at the DIMITRA facilities, in which all the project partners participated: DOCUMENTA (Spain), DIMITRA (Greece), MMC (Cyprus), REVALENTO (the Netherlands) and FOLKUNIVERSITETET UPPSALA (Sweden). A closing meeting of the project in which each partner presented the pilot activities carried out in each country and their results.