DOCUMENTA participates in the "Train the trainer" activity of the BeOld project

ReunionLast July 9, 10 and 11, DOCUMENTA was in Bucharest as part of the transnational learning "Training of trainers" which is included within the framework of the BeOld project. The meeting was attended by a total of 12 participants belonging to the 7 organizations that are part of the BeOld project.

The objective of this training of trainers was to develop the necessary skills for the different partners to offer the job orientation program proposed for older workers that has been prepared by FPSE. The training of 3 days was given by professional psychologists of FPSE and in it, a series of workshops, activities, methods and techniques of training were developed, how to transmit the message to the older workers, practical sessions and exercises to be applied later by each of the participating organizations. In addition, participants had the opportunity to learn how to adjust training to older people with special needs (chronic diseases for example).

BeOLD is a project involving organizations from 5 countries of the European Union (Romania, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain) with extensive experience of a complementary nature in adult education and training, research, development of new training methodologies and development of public policies.

Workers over 55 are currently in a labor market that discriminates against them based on stereotypes and in which they have to face the reduction of training opportunities, the challenges of unemployment and early retirement options. The main objective of the project is to provide both workers and managers of human resources and management with the necessary tools for better management and adaptation of workers over 55 years of age in the workplace.