Last transnational meeting of the EPHT project

NicosiaEPHTLast 9th and 10th of July the president of Documenta, Javier Farto, attended the last transnational meeting of the project "Employer Programme for Hospitality and Tourism" (EPHT) held in Nicosia (Cyprus).

The EPHT project seeks to strengthen the relationship between educational institutions and the hospitality industry and tourism, in order to improve the curricula in order to meet the needs of the sector. For this, it aims to design a systematic methodology for the development of a successful employment program; create and develop an electronic platform as a tool to facilitate this methodology and develop a guide of good practices.

During the meeting, the partners of the different participating countries (Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Finland and Italy) gave their approval to the digital platform of the project which is aimed at bringing together educational institutions, students, teachers and employers in a that a methodology be implemented that links the education provided with the demand for employment and at the same time improve the quality of education and its response to the needs of the market.

Finally, the different dissemination events of the project that will be organized in each of the participating countries were defined, as well as the final conference to be held in Santander in September.