MINGLE at the Intercultural Festival of Santander: Documenta presents the project in the largest international space in the region

IMG-20180821-WA0005Documenta was for two mornings in the intercultural festival of Santander, located in the esplanade of the Sardinero, spreading and exposing to the people who approached interested the work proposal of the MINGLE project, pioneer in Spain due to its innovative character. These meetings served not only to disseminate the work that the organization is carrying out together with the City Council, but to raise awareness of the importance of working on issues such as awareness and awareness of immigration.

During the meetings, anyone who was interested was able to learn and know in detail not only what the project consists of, but also the way in which the European program will launch each of the activities that constitute its roadmap during the two years in those that will be carried out. The social approach and the idea of generating a local network as an essential factor for the inclusion of immigrants were the concepts most liked by those who attended the event.


MINGLE is a project that tries to favour the inclusion of nationals of third countries through contact with people from the host society, exchanging cultural experiences. It takes into account the importance of generating social relationships based on mutual knowledge, which achieves greater stability in the future in contact. It also understands that there are individual factors, such as the local language or knowledge of available resources that influence when generating relationships in the host community. That is why, in addition to creating bonds between people, it seeks individual empowerment as a tool to improve the personal situation, working on these areas which are crucial for the development in the society.

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