Workshop on Interculturality for volunteers within the InCommon project


Late August, Documenta delivered the first edition of the workshop on Interculturality for volunteers within the project InCommon, Cultural and Educational Interventions for the exercise of the Active Citizenship of Migrant Women. The workshop, which lasted two days, is one of the activities of the InCommon project aimed at supporting volunteers and facilitating social inclusion of migrant women through cultural participation. The training was carried out in cooperation with La Columbeta from Solares, and its volunteers and staff were the beneficiaries of the training.

Attendants to the workshop acquired key concepts for working in intercultural context, as well as effective communication methods and management of emotions and feelings. In addition, there was an approach to theories on migration and conflictology in situations of cultural exchange, allowing a better understanding of the process to enable the volunteer to act in a more effective way. Finally, the course focused on the use of culture and arts as a way to enhance social inclusion.

Target group of the worshop is people working in intercultural contexts from a gender perspective. Being within the framework of the European program InCommon, the people who participate in the course acquire a whole vision of the complex situation of the migratory process, as well as tools not only to understand individually each situation, but to cope with issues that may arise from cultural shocks.

The second edition of the workshop will be held on 13th and 20th September in Torrelavega, in morning sessions from from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. This call is open to all people with an interest in volunteering who want to participate. Further information and registration by 11th September: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.