The local businesses, a key partner on the labour integration of young people at risk of exclusion

igma3bookletIt is a fact that nowadays the employers become more and more reluctant to employ young people. Why is that? Primarily in most cases youngsters are inexperienced. The academic qualifications that they might have often do not meet the labour market needs, which demands skills and competences rather than academic knowledge on the subject.

This leads to a clear mismatch between supply and demand in job vacancies in the labour market; between what companies ask for and what job applicants have to offer. Especially if the young adults are coming from a difficult environment or belong to groups at risk of social exclusion.

It is common to hear the complaints of employers encountering difficulties in hiring the appropriate people, something that is quite surprising taking into account the high levels of youth unemployment that our society shows.

Another issue that seems to affect the employers’ reluctance for employing young people is the wrong attitude, as shown in many surveys. In attitude are included values such as responsibility, autonomy at work, versatility, adaptability, learning capacity. Some employees say that they value these qualities even more than experience and training.

Be that as it may, the problem is there. There is a considerable gap to the expectations and needs of potential employees and employers. And finding the solution is highly beneficial for both parties, that is what igma3 is here for!!!

If you are a company or employer, you might be interested on knowing more about the igma3 methodology for job integration of young people with difficulties:

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