DOCUMENTA participates in the fourth transnational meeting of the Coop In project

IMG 20181108 153320DOCUMENTA attends the fourth meeting of the Coop In project in which it is participating as a partner with entities from other countries. The meeting, held on November 8 and 9 in Nicosia, was attended by a total of 8 participants from Cyprus, Hungary, United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal, as well as Spain.

During the meeting, the people who participated in the meeting discussed issues related to the content and development of the video game that the Coop In will create as a tool for knowledge and learning about Social Innovation, the key element of the program. During the debate, the partners specified the characteristics both in the field of visual design and the best structured form of the guidelines to maximize learning. It focused on the need to create a game to turn it into a practical and dynamic approach, encourage participation and encourage the person who is used to continue and increase their interest in the subject. On the other hand, other issues related to the different phases of the project are addressed, as well as the following activities that the partners have to carry out in the coming months.

The partners are in total agreement with the need to introduce social innovation in the business and training field, as a structural element for sustainable growth and the humanizing perspective of the labor market. Hence the importance of introducing the social perspective in fields such as work, in which work is always done from an economistic perspective. To improve its effectiveness, a workshop will be held in early 2019 in which the training materials that the partners are creating will be tested.