Successfully first edition of the languages course of the MINGLE project

IMG 20181115 153745Documenta, in collaboration with the Santander City Council, has successfully closed the first edition of the language courses that will take place in the coming months and that are within the programmed activities of the MINGLE project. In this edition, held in Bezana and given by Strategy 4, 15 people from different nationalities participated. In this intensive training, for about three weeks (70 teaching hours in total), people acquired an initiation level into the Spanish language and showed interest in participating in future courses, adapted to more complex levels.

The MINGLE project, in its initial phase, deals with the people who participate in the program in linguistic capacities, understanding that breaking of the language barrier is the main characteristic necessary to acquire to continue with the activities. MINGLE understands that language approaches and enhances communication at levels that, without people sharing the same linguistic vehicle, do not disappear but are diminished. That is why before starting with what is known as MINGLING experiences, which represent the main axis of the project, the linguistic skills of the participants will be worked on.

MINGLE works for the integration of Third Country Nationals (NTPs) in the host communities. In Spain, this project is in charge of Documenta collaborating and managing its activity with the Santander City Council. 2019 will be a year full of activities that promote mutual knowledge and the creation of networks between migrants and people from the host community, the bases on which the project rests. The purpose is to encourage the creation and development of heterogeneous and culturally alive communities, because diversity helps us grow, enrich and be more just and respectful societies.