DOCUMENTA attend at MINGLE's Third Transnational meeting

IMG 20190117 095659Documenta traveled to Nicosia to attend the third transnational meeting of the MINGLE project. The Spanish delegation, made up by Documenta and Santurban, participated in the two-day event, specifically on January 17th and 18th, held in the Cypriot capital. The partners from the other four countries also participated in the meeting: Sweden, Germany, Cyprus and Greece.

The mayor of Nicosia, Constantinos Giorkadjis, received the organizations involved in the project in the municipal facilities. They discussed the importance of projects such as MINGLE, which promotes knowledge among people living in a city to promote the destruction of cultural barriers and effective integration. A generalized consensus was formed around the main idea of ​​promoting activities that allow us not only to know each other but to put in value the cultural diversity.


During the meeting, the partners reviewed the activities already implemented and defined the strategies to achieve the objectives in the best possible way. They focused on the next trainings that the project is going to carry out. In the first place, the importance of training courses of the host community language to allow the people involved to acquire some independence when communicating. Secondly, training in interculturality for migrants, fostering community and heterogeneous perspectives, increasing their knowledge about available resources and promoting institutional, political and social trust to facilitate integration.

Finally, the methodological guide (designed by MMC) was tested to train people to facilitate later MINGLING experiences, central activities of the project. In these events the cultural exchange between the different participants will be promoted, to give value to each and every one of the present cultural manifestations and to naturalize the diversity.

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