CoopIn project steady progress during its meeting in Lisbon

CoopInDocumenta attended the last week a meeting, which took place in Lisbon, between the partners of the CoopIn project to put into practice part of the materials that have been created: the online serious game and the activities of each of the modules. In the training, which lasted three days, we could see the good work of the organizations that integrate the project, focusing on learning to familiarize and work on fundamental aspects from the perspective of Social Innovation as a main tool for learning today.

In the meeting it was possible to try for the first time the online serious game designed by Trebag (Hungary) from the materials created by all the other partners. It is not yet open for users who want to try it, but we could see the good pace at which it develops. The game has a great appeal not only visually but also as a learning tool.

As if this were not enough, the exercises created by the partners to perform in the classroom were also worked on. The main idea is to create resources that allow working individually and collectively, connected to the network or working from the "face to face", strengthening the knowledge and experience on social innovation to maximize our actions in the workplace / business but being able to extrapolate from day to day.

The experience has also been productive, very positive, dynamic and motivating in terms of the objectives of the project. In a very short time you will see the light; you will be the first to enjoy the experience!

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