ICT for Adult Educators

StepUp Cover SP“ICT for Adult Educators” handbook is aiming to stimulate the use of digital technologies in practice.

This is a result of the StepUp2ICT project, focused on building the ICT capacity of adult educators in their specific occupational context. It is mainly focused on training and workplace practices and aims for impact on the awareness of strategic and operational inclusion of the potential of technology for learning by adult education provider organizations.

The present handbook is not a text-book, academic work or a book that addresses the ICT skills curriculum. It is created to help every adult educator to use e-learning methods, tools and techniques from the planning phase to the evaluation of participants’ learning phase.

The handbook consists of an introduction, where the concept of andragogy and the idea of learning activity are explained. The reader can then find a description of the situation of adult education in Europe, mainly in the partner countries and a definition of the adult educator profile on which the project and its results are based.

The adult educator will also find a description of competences and objectives that are intended to be developed according to the learning areas, in addition to the description of activities based on open digital tools and the tools itself for it, highlighting the pedagogical potential for Adult learning.

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