Successful celebration of the 5th transnational meeting for the FamSkill project in Santander.

Famskill. 5th transnational meeting santanderDocumenta has organised the last European project FamSkill meeting, in which twelve members of the different partner countries took part.

This week, the 5th and last transnational meeting of the FamSkill project, organised by Documenta at the Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo in Santander, took place. The assembly, which gathered partners from all the countries that partake in the project (Turkey, Poland, Slovenia, Romania and Spain), was held on September 3rd and 4th.

Throughout the sessions, the project associates discussed concerns regarding the creation of a document with educative resources for parents and teachers (IO3) which will be available online on the project platform ( This way, every person interested in those matters will be able to access said information. Moreover, other topics were debated, especially the dissemination activities, which will consist on events where the European project FamSkill will be divulged. Each country will have its own events. With regard to Spain, it will be Documenta the one in charge of fixing the aforementioned events. They will take place on September 23rd and 30th in Santander, at Eureka and Espacio Joven respectively, between 18.00 and 20.00. Since it was the last project meeting, a general overview of the results obtained so far took place. Likewise, the next steps that need to be taken in order to finalise the project were planned.


The FamSkill project has the aim of helping families with a low qualification to develop basic skills so they can help their children when doing homework, and also, to create a better relationship between them.

Documenta has developed the project with a group of 30 adults with a low educative level, as a result, they have gained basic knowledge about different areas with the purpose of improving their lifestyle and their chances of accessing a better job.

From Documenta we want to thank the Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo from Santander for letting us use its facilities and for the help we were given when arranging the event.