Bucharest held the final conference and the last transnational meeting of the BeOld Project

BeOld - Conferencia Final

BeOld-Reunion trasnacional

On September 17 and 18, Documenta participated in the final Conference and in the last meeting of the Erasmus + project: BeOld.

The conference, held at the Ramada Majestic Hotel in the Romanian capital, was attended by various authorities in the country and project partners who announced the results obtained after two years of project. The event convened a wide audience that could learn more about the structure, objectives and materials achieved with the project, among others.

Documenta participated in the event explaining to the attendees the opinions of the participants in the various training offered, both for older workers and for Human Resources managers and personnel of different companies and organizations.

In addition, on September 18, the last transnational meeting of the project was held in which the partners of the different participating countries (Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Romania and Spain) evaluated the results obtained and the impact of the project.

The conference and the meeting conclude this project after having achieved the proposed objectives. Likewise, Documenta will present its results and the material derived from the project in two next informative events that will be held at the European Cultural Center Eureka (September 23) and in the Young Space of the City of Santander (September 30).

The BeOld project has aimed to improve the social inclusion of senior workers through the use of innovative training tools, increasing their professional and personal development opportunities. In addition, the project has sought to raise awareness about age management and discrimination based on age at work, as well as create work environments and conditions that match the age of the workers.