Successful development of the multiplier events of the BeOld project

BeOld ev.mult 2.10.2019On September 23rd and 30th, Documenta held two informative meetings to present the BeOld project.

The events, in which took part different representatives of associations and entities in Cantabria, were held at Centro Cultural Eureka and Espacio Joven of the City Hall of Santander.

Both days, the attendees were able to get to know the aims, materials and results of this project that Documenta has been carrying out in Cantabria for two years. Also, when the presentations of the different phases of the project were over, there was a debate on the most important issues, especially on the improvement of the policies aimed at raising awareness on ageism and helping improving the work conditions of older workers.

The BeOld project aims to improve social inclusion of senior workers through the usage of innovative learning tools, improving their possibilities of personal and professional development. Moreover, the project aims to raise awareness on ageism and discrimination based on age in the workplace, as well as to create workplace conditions that are fit for the workers’ age.