The FamSkill project comes to an end with the celebration of two informative events

FamSkill evento multiplicador EJovenLast September, DOCUMENTA organized two instructive talks about the results that were obtained on the FamSkill project after its two years of duration.

Centro Cultural Europeo Eureka and Espacio Joven del Ayuntamiento de Santander were chosen as the sceneries to celebrate those two educational events of the FamSkill project.

Throughout those two days, the attendees got the opportunity to learn about the aims, results and materials obtained during the project’s running time. Moreover, there was a debate about the importance of continuous training, namely when it comes to adults with higher difficulties towards learning.


The FamSkill project aimed to help families with a low qualification to take part on their children’s live, by helping them with school homework, and thus, being able to create a better relationship between them.

DOCUMENTA has carried out this project with a group of 30 adults with low educational level, who learnt basic skills in different dominions (literacy, numeracy and technology), which they will be able to benefit from, in order to enhance their living standards as well as their opportunities to access a better job.