The Coop-In project and the educative online platform Curiocity have been introduced during three informative events

Coop-In - Eventos MultiplicadoresDuring the last few weeks, DOCUMENTA has presented the Coop-In project and the educative online platform that has been created to train people in social innovation.

The chosen venues for the presentation of the project and the online platform “Curiocity” have been Centro Cultural Europeo Eureka, Espacio Joven del Ayuntamiento de Santander and the social and educative enterprise “La Escueluca”.

Around 40 people belonging to different backgrounds (educative, cultural, NGOs…) have been informed about the features and perks of this online serious game. It is an educative platform created in order to learn about notions and topics related to social innovation. It also allows the user to receive a training certificate on social innovation when finishing the game.

The Coop-In project has been developed by DOCUMENTA during the last two years, and it aims to raise awareness about the benefits of implementing social innovation a work. The results speaks for themselves and the platform, Curiocity, is one of the most innovative and better developed products so far in the area of social innovation, training and gamification. Get to know it better on the next link: Curiocity