The Mingle Point, a benchmark of integration and a success of participation

Mingle - Noticia Mingle PointDOCUMENTA and the Santander City Council (CMICAD), in collaboration with the Festival of Nations, this summerdeveloped an innovative initiative to make know and carry out different activities related to the Mingle project: the Mingle Point.

The Mingle Point has been a place for meeting and exchanging experiences between locals and TCNs (Third Country Nationals) where activities (Mingling Experiences) of different types have been carried out: exhibitions, talks, workshops, escape games, drum circles ... and where people from different places and origins have participated with a common goal, "the integration and knowledge of different cultures and traditions, thus contributing to the elimination of barriers and stereotypes and the creation of networks and personal relationships."

The participation in the Mingling Experiences, 8 in total, has been a success. More than 130 people, between TCNs and locals, have taken part in some of the arranged activities and, moreover, the Mingle Point has been visited by people who simply wanted to get to know the project.

All this has been possible thanks to the collaboration and work of many organizations that have come together so that the Mingle Point could succeed. We want to thank Intermon Oxfam, Medicusmundi, Alouda, the Center for Environmental Research (CIMA), the Cantabria Coopera Fund and the Cantabrian NGO Coordinator, Taka Dum Dum and Red Cross for their interest and work helping this space of integration and knowledge between cultures to reach so many people.

Regarding the dissemination, different media have echoed what has been developed at the Mingle Point. Thus, regional written media, websites, social networks and cultural magazines, among others, have turned their attention to the multiple activities that have been carried out, achieving a dissemination impact greater than one and a half million people.

To get to know more about what the Mingle Point has meant and the different Mingling Experiences that have been developed, here you have a link with all the information: Mingle Point Report