StepUp2ICT. The Multiplier event in Spain

StepUpMEesOn the 19th September took place at the CEPA Escuelas Verdes (Adult Education Centre Escuelas Verdes) in Santander a seminar to disseminate the StepUp2ICT project and its results.

The agenda of the session also included information on the European Framework for Digital Competences of Educators and learning activities using open digital tools.

The StepUp2ICT online course, the OERs available on the web of the project and the StepUp Community were other topics addressed.

Participants showed their interest on how to improve the teaching/learning process using TICs and also noted the barriers they could prevent a proper implementation of ICT in adult education process, from the difficulties from learners to the own lack of ICT skills of some trainers.

The methodology and the results of the project were well valued by the participants, some of the feedback pointed out the usefulness of the tools and express their interest in deepen on the open resources.