COMANITY: Youth, participation and community action

COMANITY 1On December 18th, from 17:00 onwards at the “Espacio Joven” of Santander City Hall, there will be an event “Youth, participation and community action” during which the results that have been obtained in Spain within the Comanity project, which aimed at training community animateurs, will be presented. One of the main objectives of the COMANITY project has been to develop a new profile regarding volunteering and youth work: the Community Animateur, which acts as a “social mediator” in order to reduce the separation between the young people who feel marginalised and the institutions. The project has had a double purpose: get the youth services to become more committed with young people at risk situation and, on the other hand, allow these young people to take part in the youth work.

The project strategy started with the identification of the competences that should be considered when training the participants, who would later become Community Animateurs. Taking those competences as a base, a frame of competences was developed, for it is the bedrock of the training programme that has been used in COMANITY. The programme has been implemented and assessed in 4 pilot programmes and the results will be disseminated for its use in the EU.

COMANITY has been tested in Cantabria, with the participation of different youth workers and volunteers, that, in an individual level and/or organisational level, have taken part by attending the face-to-face sessions, getting trained in the online competences and working directly with the youths regarding the development of projects, following the Participatory Action Research (PAR) methodology, aiming at having a revolutionary impact in their lives and within the community they belong to.

This workshop, which can be attended by anyone interested in the topic, aims at informing people about the project results, focussing on the discussion of the projects that have been carried out, as well as their conclusions. The discussion will facilitate the sharing of experiences, value the impact of each one of them, their continuity, and, most of all, keep learning and improving for future projects and initiatives.

COMANITY is an Erasmus+ project, within the KA3 call “Support for policy reform- Social inclusion through education, training and youth”, and it had the participation of 9 partners belonging to 8 European countries.


17:00 -- 17:10. - Welcome of the participants.

17:10 – 17:35. - Presentation of the Comanity project results.

17:35 – 18:00. - Presentation of the “No me escondas” project. Viewing of the short film “Guerreros de luz”.

18:00 – 18:15. - Presentation of the “Jóvenes y redes sociales: Riesgos y beneficios” project.

18:15 – 18:25. - Break.

18:25 – 18:40. - Presentation of the “Breaking barriers” project.

18:40 – 18:55. - Presentation of the “Prostitución y participación social” project.

19:00 – 19:30. - Discussion.

17:00 – 19:30. - Throughout the workshop, there will be the completion of a wall painting which will integrate the different topics that have been addressed by each project.