ISABEL: The Budapest Experience


The ISABEL project (Interactive Social Media for Integration Skills Bartering Empowerment Informal Learning) Final Meeting and Final Conference took place in Budapest, Hungary, between the 17TH and 19TH of September.

This project seeks to employ innovative practices like citizen journalism in order to strengthen groups and communities both at social and territorial level. In doing so, social and intercultural links are strengthened, promoting communication among communities, making possible personal and collective growth and letting people know that their voices will be heard through a “Network of community reporters”.


Learning to Manage Innovation in SMEs, a New Job Opportunity

IGMAtallerSDR1In the framework of the European project of Innovation Management Agents (INMA), this week begins the training course of innovation management in SMEs organized by the Municipality of Santander and Documenta, European Institute for Training and Development. INMA pilot training is aimed primarily at highly qualified women, who due to the oversupply caused by the crisis, hare now working in jobs below their qualifications or unemployed.

The main objective of INMA European project is to adjust and transfer to other countries the European professional profile of “Innovation Agent” created in 2005 to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs, mainly by promoting the acquisition and adequate use of innovations and new technologies. INMA project also aims to promote the participation of women in the field of innovation, currently occupied mostly by men.


IGMA Project Workshop: a Step Forward in the Definition of a Common Methodology for the Labor Market Integration of Immigrants

The project IGMA is aimed at all professionals working in the advice and guidance of immigrants for integration into the labor market through training (integration agents, social workers, development workers, workers in adult education centers , NGO, public service personnel employment, social welfare offices, etc.)

The overall project objective is to develop a methodology for the effective integration of immigrants in the formation, as a gateway to the labor market, through case management and the realization of an itinerary tailored to their specific needs.

As part of the project, a participatory and practical workshop will be carried out on 1 October in Santander, where the methodology and its applicability to the Spanish context will be presented. The workshop will be taught by a specialist in the field, Roger Van der Winkel.

From Documenta believe it can be enriching for all professionals who work daily in this area, knowledge of new methodologies and contact with experts from other countries. Alike, it is important for the project to have the opinion of the technicians who work daily in this area.

The deadline for registration in the workshop ends on September 26. It can be done through the mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. subject: WORKSHOP IGMA), indicating the name of the attendant and the organization you work in or have which worked.

Download the schedule.

EMkit: The Empowerment Kit Tested


In late August we finalized the test of the methodology developed in the Em-kit project. The "Empowerment kit" was tried on a total of 14 immigrant women from 10 different nationalities, through workshops and taught by Cruz Roja Cantabria and Cantabria Acoge through the Employment Plan.

The final evaluation of both, the usability of the tool and its contents has been positive. It has been noted as attendees have gained confidence in themselves and have created partnerships between them beyond the ending of the activity. The trainers have indicated their willingness to use the tool in their daily work. They have emphasized that the methodologies contained in the kit improve and complement other techniques currently being used.

From Documenta we would like to express our thanks to the trainers and women participating in this process for their valuable comments and contributions, which have helped us to improve this tool whose purpose is the integration of immigrant women in employment through training at an European level.

Following ending of the roasting phase and collected all the suggestions in the final version of the kit, the project will end on October 5 with the final conference to be held in Stockholm.