The International Conference on "Water, Development and Citizenship" take place in Noja the next 18th and 19th

banner jornadasThis Friday and Saturday the Noja town will become an international reference for reflection and exchange of experiences at European and Latin American level on participatory water management.

The conference on Water, Development and Citizenship, organized by Documenta-European Institute for Training and Development-, are framed in a project carried out in Ecuador, funded by the Spanish International Cooperation Agency (AECI) and has also counted with the support and collaboration from the Government of Cantabria and from the Municipality of Santander at different stages.

At the conference will be an interesting debate among Water and Cooperation sector experts, and will present different projects launched by the AECID Water Fund, the Government of Cantabria through CIMA, The Alliance for Water, ECODES, Water Assessment and Advisory Global Network (WASA-GN), la Fundación Nueva Cultura del Agua, La Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano and Documenta.


Isabel Project IV Transnational Meeting

DSC03100On April 2012, DOCUMENTA participated at the ISABEL European project meeting held in Manchester.

During the three days meeting, the project partners could summarized the work done during the first year of the Project , shared their training experiences with the participants, showing and explaining some of the blogs and videos produced by students during the trainings.

At the end of the day, was carried out an activity called "Competence Coffee", where DOCUMENTA had the chance to informed and share dissemination material  from other European projects in which participates (Crebus) and leads (GETIR) and (INMA).

During the third and final day, the launched of the European Community Reporters Network to both, partners and a range of stakeholders involved in local, regional and national activities in target sectors. At this event DOCUMENTA had the opportunity to show the audience all the work done in Spain at the trainings, with the Migrant Associations in Cantabria, chosen as a target group.

Adult/Vocational training is the key to the integration of groups at risk of exclusion into the labour market

Experts from six European countries meet in Santander to work on the development of new training and vocational/professional training quality assurance methods in order to enhance the integration of the social groups at risk of exclusion into the labour market.

On April 19th, 20th and 21st Documenta, European Development and Training Institute organized in Santander the transnational meetings of the European projects CERF (Certification Standard For European Reference Framework Key Competencies) and CQAF VET on line (Quality Assurance System Framework for Vet Providers), both projects part of the European Leonardo initiative.   


Graz: First AWB Workshop

AWBGraz2On March 16th and 17th Documenta has actively participated in the first of the five planned city workshops of the AWB project, addressing the study of European cities measures or practices to promote the employment of long-term unemployed aged 50+.

The workshop that took place in the city of Graz, Austria was organized by the company ZSI, Social Innovation Center, AWB project partner. The main aim of the workshop was the study of a regional active employment policy developed throughout the region of Stryria in Austria, and coordinated and implemented by the private company Move-ment, for the promotion of employment of unemployed aged 45 in the region.