Successful celebration of the first In2C project presentation

In2C - Evento presentación 2In2C - Evento presentación

Last November 14th, DOCUMENTA along with the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción from Cantabria, informed the attendants of the seminar “Healthy habits: implementation in the enterprise” about the In2C project “Integration of Third-Country Nationals in the Construction sector”, which was part of said seminar.

The event took place at the Escuelas de Solvay (Barreda), the new training centre of the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción and it was very well received, with more than 30 attendants, who were associated with the construction sector: entrepreneurs, workers, trainers, local development agencies, etc.


Presentation of the In2C Project in Cantabria

In2C NoticiaDOCUMENTA and the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción (FLC) will introduce the In2C project, “Integration of Third-Country Nationals in the Construction sector” within the seminar “Healthy habits: implementation in the enterprise”, that will be held next Thursday, November 14th, at 9.00 at the Escuelas de Solvay (Barreda).

The main aim of the project is to facilitate and promote and early and effective integration of the TCN (Third-Country Nationals) in the labour market, more specifically, in the construction sector, through a comprehensive training, mainly focused on the improvement of their competences regarding the host country’s language and the creation of networks with the employers.

The In2C project is an European project developed by nine entities belonging to four countries from the European Union (Cyprus, Spain, Greece and Sweden), being DOCUMENTA and the FLC the two Spanish partners.

To learn more information about the project, you can access In2C

Agenda of the Seminar.

The Mingle Point, a benchmark of integration and a success of participation

Mingle - Noticia Mingle PointDOCUMENTA and the Santander City Council (CMICAD), in collaboration with the Festival of Nations, this summerdeveloped an innovative initiative to make know and carry out different activities related to the Mingle project: the Mingle Point.

The Mingle Point has been a place for meeting and exchanging experiences between locals and TCNs (Third Country Nationals) where activities (Mingling Experiences) of different types have been carried out: exhibitions, talks, workshops, escape games, drum circles ... and where people from different places and origins have participated with a common goal, "the integration and knowledge of different cultures and traditions, thus contributing to the elimination of barriers and stereotypes and the creation of networks and personal relationships."

The participation in the Mingling Experiences, 8 in total, has been a success. More than 130 people, between TCNs and locals, have taken part in some of the arranged activities and, moreover, the Mingle Point has been visited by people who simply wanted to get to know the project.


The Coop-In project and the educative online platform Curiocity have been introduced during three informative events

Coop-In - Eventos MultiplicadoresDuring the last few weeks, DOCUMENTA has presented the Coop-In project and the educative online platform that has been created to train people in social innovation.

The chosen venues for the presentation of the project and the online platform “Curiocity” have been Centro Cultural Europeo Eureka, Espacio Joven del Ayuntamiento de Santander and the social and educative enterprise “La Escueluca”.

Around 40 people belonging to different backgrounds (educative, cultural, NGOs…) have been informed about the features and perks of this online serious game. It is an educative platform created in order to learn about notions and topics related to social innovation. It also allows the user to receive a training certificate on social innovation when finishing the game.