19/9-19/12-2012 Learning to Manage Innovation in SMEs

In the framework of the European project of Innovation Management Agents (INMA), a the training course of innovation management in SMEs was organized by the Municipality of Santander and Documenta. INMA pilot training is aimed primarily at highly qualified women, who due to the oversupply caused by the crisis, who are now working in jobs below their qualifications or unemployed.

INMA online pilot training, approximately 600 hours, was held simultaneously in Greece, Poland and Spain. The students acquired fundamental knowledge for innovation management in the company, with the support of specialized tutors through INMA multimedia training tool, which develops five thematic areas: New Technologies, Knowledge Management, Strategic Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resources. During the course the students conducted a practical work that included the design of an Innovation Management Plan in companies of Cantabria.

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