18/12/2012 Train the Trainers CERF Project

On Tuesday 18 December took place the ‘Train the Trainers’ workshop of CERF European project which invited the community of experts in different user profiles to evaluate the methodology and content

Trainers and guidance practitioners from various entities (Santander City Council, Red Cross Cantabria, Cantabrian Association for Combating Unemployment (Brumas Workshops), IFES Cantabria, Gypsy Secretariat Foundation, Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Centre or The German Centre) participated in the conference organized by Documenta and held in CASYC, to test the curriculum and trainers package on Civic and Social Skills developed within the project CERF (Certification Standard For European Reference Framework Key Competences).

The curriculum developed by Documenta in KC6 aims to develop Social Skills through the development of Soft Skills (Teamwork, Assertiveness, Active Listening, Proactivity, Emotional Intelligence, etc.), and Civic Skills through awareness of the student as an Individual, Social and Political Being.

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