1-22/08/2014: YES pilot for young entrepreneurs





Throughout the month of August Documenta has carried out in Santander (Cantabria), a pilot training course fostering entrepreneurial skills of young unemployed. The training program has been developed and adjusted in the context of the Leonardo da Vinci project titled YES: Youth unemployment: fostering Entrepreneurial Skills, aiming to provide with the foundation to Youth Entrepreneurship through the provision of educational materials that will better equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary in the specific field.

 YES PACK is a blended learning program combining in-class sessions with distance learning (e-learning) for Young entrepreneurs. The program is an entrepreneurship qualification program, with 8 modules which contain module training material, specific assignments, additional material and discussion forums: (1) Introduction to entrepreneurship; (2) Starting a business; (3) Risk management and business law; (4) marketing; (5) Business finance and economics; (6) Management of a firm; (7)  taxation; (8) Business plan.

 YES pilot training in Santander (Spain) was developed

throughout a 3 weeks period withyes leaflet

the organization of 4 in‐class sessions  aimed at presenting and teaching YES learning units focusing on 3 of them: LU 1 introduction to entrepreurship, L2 starting a business and L8 Business plan.
During the in‐class sessions students participated actively describing their business ideas
and formulating questions related to those businesses. At the end of each session
students were guided to develop the on‐line study of the above mentioned LUs in detail.
Other purpose of the in‐class sessions was the compilation of feedback and impressions
from students regarding the proposed YES course, its learning units and the provided
multimedia learning tool.
We consider the development of the YES pilot in Spain was accomplished successfully, as students had the opportunity to have a blended learning experience, learning how to develop their business idea and bring it to reality.
Likewise, the pilot testing resulted in a great compilation of feedback for the improvement of YES multimedia learning tool and the further development of YES course learning contents that will surely enhance and promote the course successful implementation in other European countries.


FACE TO FACE (24 hours)
4 In‐class sessions of 4‐6 hours each approximately (09:00 hrs. to 14:00 hrs.) carried out
throughout a three week period.
1st Friday August 1st 2014 duration 8 hours (9:00 – 18:00) program:
Presentation YES Project and introduction to YES PACK pilot training and the use of the
multimedia training tool. Presentation of YES PACK: ePROF and training learning
outcomes. Presentation YES PACK: ePACK training learning unit 1 “Introduction to
2nd Thursday August 7th 2014 duration 5 hours (9:00 – 14:00) program:
Compilation of LU 1 feedback, experiences, doubts.
YES PACK: ePACK and learning unit 2 “Starting a Business”
3rd Friday August 15th 2014 duration 5 hours (program:
YES PACK: ePACK presentation training learning unit 8 “Business Plan”
4th Friday August 22nd 2014 duration 6 hours (10:00 – 17:00) program: Students
“Business Plan” presentations. Feedback and comments on other learning units and
course synthesis, doubts and conclusions.
4 E‐learning sessions of approximately 4‐6 hours each to be carried out by students,
choosing freely when and where, throughout the 3 weeks duration of the course.
1st chosen freely by students throughout the first week of the course 2014 program:
YES PACK: ePROF learning outcomes and ePACK 8 learning units overall structure.
Learning Unit 1 “Introduction to Entrepreneurship”. Completing self‐evaluation
exercises of LU 1
2nd chosen freely by students throughout the second week of the course 2014 program:
YES PACK: ePACK and Learning unit 2 “Starting a Business” Completing self‐evaluation
exercises of LU 2.
3rd chosen freely by students throughout the third week of the course 2014 program:
YES PACK: e‐PACK Learning unit 8 “Business Plan” Completing self‐evaluation exercises
of LU 8.
4th chosen freely by students throughout the 3 weeks of the course 2014 program:
Reviewing overall content of ePACK 8 Learning units and focus on one Learning unit
chosen freely by each student. Completing self‐evaluation exercises of chosen LU.